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Yoga And Weight Loss – Does It Work? Find Out!

Well, when it comes to weight loss, most of us have always tended to focus most on physical training and dieting. Although exercise and healthy eating are important in this respect, there are chances that they do not address why some people are overeating. In this case, weight loss can be looked upon as a spiritual and emotional practice and therefore requires one to focus on spiritual and emotional modes to attain long lasting results.

Yoga pose

Focusing on exercise and diet a lone is like inserting a square key in a round hole. As such, this is something that can’t help you gain permanent results.  Yoga helps to fulfill and inspire people spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. When an individual is filling contented in all aspects, there is always an increase in one’s self-confidence making it hard for them to overeat or indulge in activities that could negatively affect their health.  Enhanced self-esteem combined with self-love generated while doing yoga (especially during meditation) helps the body to lose weight naturally. 

Patanjali defines yoga as the pausing of the variations of the mind. As it were, yoga involves postures (asanas); grazing point (dristi), breath (pranayama). This helps to teach the mind to remain still so that there can be a connection between the body, mind and spirit as well as linking you with your Maker – God.  Yoga works on disciplining the mind first – to be quiet to learn to focus on what is happening at present and not focus on the past – fear of the future. Benefits of yoga for weight loss are immense. It is a fact reality that we live undisciplined lives because our minds are undisciplined.  Thus, yoga and meditation help to teach the mind how to focus to allow discipline to enter the mind and eventually to all aspects of your life – health.

Weight loss starts by ending the noise in the mind especially so; the negative self-talk developed as an egocentric habit that stems in early days of childhood. One important point to note is that your consciousness doesn’t occur in the mind alone; they permeate every part of the body. What is more exciting here is that you have all power to alter them by applying constant effort and consciousness and developing new positive, self-assuring  thinking patterns. It only requires constant practice and yoga offers that great chance.

Compare your mind to a cassette player and remove the out-dated egocentric tape replacing it with the latest that contains positive views concerning you and your life.  In a book entitled YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF by Louise Hay, she recommends reciting the words ‘I love and accept myself just as I AM’  a hundred times every day in front of a mirror with a finger on your throat, which represents the transformation seed.  She further recommends confirming that you are indeed the best weight for weight loss.  Thus the words “I AM,” are divine in you, your real self and therefore ensure that you do not use them negatively as in “I AM weak,” I AM lazy” … and so on.  Hence, focusing on using glozine lifestyle and fitness can be of help if you are looking forward to keeping healthy and fit.

Defaming your “I AM” can be disastrous considering that both your body and life are paying attention; hence, it is vital that you make a wise choice of your words and thoughts. The body follows what the mind tells it do and not otherwise; thus, loving who you are will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Saying affirmations with faith can produce great results in your life – so recite them anywhere – in the bathroom, while preparing for work, in the car, while strolling around or before you retire to bed.

The reason why yoga is regarded as spiritual is breathing or else it would have been just like the rest of physically oriented exercises. Breathing helps to connect the body, spirit and mind. Each time you breathe in with consciousness, you are inhaling higher levels of awareness via the universal life force (prana) which enables you to develop your higher self so that you remain more prevalent in life.

Bottom line: As it were, yoga can help you lose weight. The only thing you need is to discipline yourself and look at life with positivity.

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David Gomes by profession a Freelance Writer. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as sexual health, fitness, and workout for blogs and online publication sites. He is passionate about helping others and toward his work. In his spare time, when he’s not writing, David enjoys watching action movies, listening to music, reading anything that comes into his hands and planning his dream vacation.

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