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Why Your Feet Could be Giving You Back Pain

Your body functions like a complex and elaborate mechanism- sometimes everything is in its place and things run smoothly and sometimes certain troubles appear. Like in any mechanism, all it takes is for one screw or bolt to malfunction and suddenly there is a whole new world of trouble, just waiting to be unleashed. However, while in a machine, a malfunction is most likely to manifest itself in a low general performance, in human body, this is manifested through pain.

Feet and Back pain

Still, this pain needs not originate from the place it is manifested upon. Pain projection is a common occurrence where, when there is something seriously wrong with one part of your body, the pain suddenly appears someplace else. A human organism truly is both marvel and mystery. The most common of these projections is the pain in the lower back, which, although it is known to be the most common body ache, rarely originates from the back itself. One of the most common pain projections is situation where upon the existence of a foot issue, the pain is projected on one’s lower back.

Feet as body’s foundation

As already mentioned before, human body functions as a complex mechanism. If this is so, there is no doubt whatsoever that one of the key points of this mechanism are your feet. Feet are the part of the body, which find themselves under the greatest pressure on a daily basis. Apart from this, feet are most exposed to any changes in your body, such as diet, weight and are also extremely dependant on your choice of the foot-ware.

Your lifestyle, your style, your habits as well as the outside condition all influence the conditions of your feet which in turn, greatly affect your entire organism. When having all this in mind, it is obvious and clear, just how important it is for one to take care of his or hers feet. If you take care of your feet, your feet are going to take good care of you in return.

Effect of flat feet on your back

A foot issue which is by far most likely to cause a pain in your back is the flat feet syndrome. This syndrome may be the cause of unequal distribution of weight and pressure on your feet, thus causing a lot of unpleasant symptoms, such as your feet tiring easily, the inside bottom of your feet getting swollen, the difficulty to perform actions as simple as standing on your toes, but most prominently and the most important of all the pain in your lower back.

Children with flat feet

The most disturbing thing about this connection of flat feet and back pain is that it does not affect only old or middle aged people, it affects children as well. If your child ever complains to you about a pain in his or hers lower back it just may be caused by the flat feet syndrome. There are several ways in which you may determine if the flat feet issue is at hand. First, make your child stand on the clear surface with wet feet and if the footprints afterwards are complete it probably is the flat feet syndrome at hand.

However inconvenient, this issue is highly treatable and the problems caused by it are highly, if not completely manageable. Take your child to children’s podiatry as soon as possible and have medical expert examine their feet. This is probably the best course of action to take since nobody can make a better suggestion of further treatment than a professional podiatrist. When it comes to the health of your own child, you cannot afford not to do everything in your power to protect it.

With all this in mind, if it happens that you, or someone in your family experiences a pain in the lower back area, do not be alarmed but be aware that a hidden cause behind this may actually be a foot issue. Knowing your enemy is the first step in beating him, and when it comes to the health of your back, flat feet syndrome is one of your greatest adversaries.

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