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Why You Need To Do Intensive Yoga Teacher Training

There are quite a few Intensive Teacher Training programs being conducted out there. It’s surely an amazing and intimate learning experience for both students and teachers. It’s not too late to join one and the sooner you do, the better!

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You’ll find lots of articles online that list the generic top 5, or 10 reasons to pursue yoga teacher training. And if you’ve not come across any of these articles before — the below are the most quoted reasons to pursue training.

— Become a yoga teacher (of course!)

— Fine tune your physical routine and alignment

— Networking and building a community

— Awareness / Self reflection / Personal insight / Self mastery

— Increased Confidence

— Explore your spirituality

Pretty impressive, right? But it could definitely be a little more practical. Let’s distill the generic down to the particulars by humanizing this list.

An intensive Teacher Training program will unknowingly change your life forever and help you take on many of your fears and insecurities.

You enter the experience with a desire to gain knowledge. But by the time your program is over, you come to realize that yoga would always be a part of your life and that you have to share what you learned with others. Especially the experience that you discovered on the mat…a slowing down & a mindfulness that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

Whether painfully shy or terrified of public appearances, you may never think you could ever function as a yoga teacher. But with perseverance you’ll find the most surprising experience in discovering your inner voice and to be confident while speaking in public.

You enter training with little expectation. But what you never expected to happen occurs. You not only shift your job, and your life, but also happily experience a shift in your self-perspective.

Supposedly, what will surprise you about most of the process, though is how much your own practice contained the essence of all that was needed. Your teacher only needed to point out the aspects of how to apply much of what you already know.

You’re always surprised by all the stuff that surfaces during a training. Whether a breakthrough with a particular asana, dealing with an old habit, or realizing the belief you have held all along are not necessarily true. Your own training experiences reveal to you the freedom that you feel when practicing, i.e becoming a witness and being able to offer love and compassion to other fellow beings.

What you’ll be most surprised by is how comfortable the feel of teaching in front of a room full of strangers is. You might be understandably nervous at first, but it dissolves so quickly and the high that remains afterwards is remarkable.

Svadhyaya (observation of the self) always leads you along the path to liberation. Never in your wildest dreams will you imagine this would guide you to your future.


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Anil is well educated person and is sports fan. He plays sports like swimming, cricket, badminton, football etc. He keeps writing on fitness and sports. In article Why You Need To Do Intensive Yoga Teacher Training. While writing he has took help from yoga teacher training company.

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