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What Are Mercury Fillings and How to Choose A Dentist

Many people are now aware of tooth implants and tooth fillings treatments. As soon as you lose a tooth or your tooth is badly damaged, you can meet a dentist and choose a treatment. It is always better to consider the stability and lifetime of different filling material before determining what type of filling is used. You may have heard about mercury fillings which is the most commonly used filling in dentistry and in this article you learn more about it.


Mercury amalgam fillings

Mercury amalgam filling is a standard amalgam filling which is made up of 30-50% mercury and 50-70% silver, copper and zinc. The mercury used in the fillings is a heavy metal which is placed permanently. Dental amalgam fillings are also known as “silver fillings” because of their silver-like appearance.

Sometimes many people say that poisons are released daily from the amalgam fillings throughout the body. This is because eating, chewing and consuming acidic foods may accelerate amalgams to breakdown and produce poison.

Heavy metals like mercury can easily excreted or get accumulated in the organs and red blood cells, which also affect the central nervous system, kidneys, liver and the digestive tract. All the side effects caused by mercury amalgam fillings depend on the individual’s body chemistry or body weakness and there is no doubt that the body will respond adversely to heavy metal toxicity.

Once mercury amalgams have been removed, there are several ways and products available in the market to get rid of the accumulated toxic metals.

Choose a good dentist

It is always better to consult a dentist before and after the mercury amalgam filling process. You can mention your doubts to the dentist regarding the treatment and they will explain you the pros and cons of the treatment which you may consider before undergoing the treatment. But, it is a known fact that choosing a good dentist in your area is a difficult one. Below are few tips to select a dentist Melbourne VIC.

You can talk to your friend about the dentists who are practicing in your locality. They can help you to select a reliable dentist by sharing their experience with them. You may also use internet and social networks to know about the dentist who are well experienced and trained. You may visit the dentist website or the dental clinic’s website to know more about the dentist and the services offered.

Do select a dental clinic which is near to your home or office which may help you during the times of emergency. You can also make a visit to the clinic to know how well the clinic has been maintained, and you can also figure out that what type of treatment and equipments are used in the clinic. Proper treatment from a well experienced dentist will reduce your tooth ache and the fear that arise at times when you try to meet a dentist!

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