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Weight Loss Techniques Appropriate for Your Age

Most people over the age of sixty have probably at one time or another either been on a diet or tried an exercise regime to try and lose a few unwanted pounds. For many, their work and effort pay off handsomely and they reach and maintain their correct body weight. However, some people are much more successful than others at losing weight and this is mainly due to using the correct technique at the right age.

weight loss - Weight Loss Techniques Appropriate for Your Age

Below, we will look at a few different methods and approaches to losing weight at different times in our lives.

Fitness Camps

Prestige fitness camp or boot camps are a fast track way of shedding some unwanted pounds. Camps are generally aimed at children and young adults who need to lose weight and gain fitness. Boot camps are mostly situated in the countryside and all applicants are required to stay for a minimum of a week. In this first week, all of the new members will go through the basics of physical training, which will include running and gym work. Over the period of their stay, members will be coached in diet, as well as given tasks to help build their confidence and self esteem. These camps have an extremely high success rate and are highly recommended as a way of changing a person’s attitude towards health and fitness, as well as losing weight.


Yoga is a great way to increase your flexibility, strengthen your musculoskeletal as well as of course lose weight. Yoga can be performed at any age but it is especially good for people in their mid years who do not have the fitness to partake in more rigorous exercise methods such as circuit training or full contact sports. Yoga mostly focuses on fixed poses with deep breathing being a fundamental part of the exercise. Classes are generally offered at most sports centres and are a great way to stay fit and maintain your correct body weight in your later years.

Aerobic Exercise Classes

Aerobic exercise is a great way to lose weight and stay fit. This form of exercise is a low impact cardio workout method, which can be performed by elderly people with a minimum risk of injury. The idea of aerobic exercise is to both stimulate the heart, as well as the lungs without putting any undue pressure or stress on your muscles or joints. It is an ideal way to lose weight and to keep it off, for the more senior members of the exercising community.

Your Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise go hand in hand and you cannot healthily lose weight without focusing on both. Regardless of age, a healthy balanced diet is essential to staying slim and fit. Those people who have learnt to balance the two are the individuals who manage to maintain a healthy body weight as well as keeping a high level of aerobic and cardio fitness. Remember, losing weight and maintaining your correct weight is all about making lifestyle choices.

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Prestige Boot Camp is a weight loss and fitness boot camp with facilities spread all around UK. Their training courses are one of the most effective and health-approved choices in the country and in Europe.

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