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Weight loss and Herbal tea

The health effects of herbal tea have been examined since a long time. Herbal tea has been claimed to have positive contribution in the treatment of many ailments. Herbal tea is derived from fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots, generally by pouring boiling water over the plant parts and allowing them to seep for a few minutes. Such infusions are also available in the market in the form of tea bags or bottles. This is one of the weight loss tips among a list of many because of its favorable effects.

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There are a variety of such infusions available which are termed as herbal tea.  Flavored teas are prepared by mixing other plants to an actual tea.  Some popular blends are Earl Grey tea which is black tea with bergamot, the orange oil, jasmine tea is Chinese tea with jasmine flowers, and genmaicha is a Japanese green tea with toasted rice. These tea blends are available in pure or blended forms. Herbal teas have gained recognition because of their aroma, antioxidant properties and therapeutic values.

The finest herbal weight loss teas also termed as diet teas and slimming teas, are blends of organic green tea variety which are known fat burning ability fast and natural way by speeding up the body’s metabolism. In comparison to regular green tea, these scientifically customized blends prove to have more benefits where weight loss is concerned. A large number of studies have shown that green tea and its extract are capable of fighting with obesity and also help in lowering LDL or the bad cholesterol present in the body.

Apart from weight management, green tea provides numerous health benefits. Herbal tea is believed to contribute in improving the overall heart function, brain health, controlling blood sugar levels and regulating body temperature. These health benefits are mainly because green tea contains high amount of flavonoids, especially catechins, which has cell modulating and antioxidant properties.  Read some other benefits of herbal tea at slimming resources.  Herbal tea is calorie free, and if consumed without sugar can be successfully included into a weight control program. Some high-catechin green tea products can easily be found in the market.

Porangaba tea made from blend of leaves in the Amazon claims to control appetite, improve metabolism and energy levels. Another blend, Okinawan has gained popularity for its weight loss benefits. Feiyan tea, which is a Chinese herbal tea, extracted from a combination of green tea, lotus leaves, cansia seeds and vegetable sponge also claims to have great slimming benefits. Besides herbal teas that contain dandelion or nettle that are considered to have diuretic properties help in getting rid of excess water in the body which may lead to weight loss. Also teas containing fennel also claim to control appetite and thus reducing weight.

There are a variety of herbal teas available in the market that claim to help in reducing weight. But it is in the best interest of all aiming to go for a weight loss program to give heed to other tips for losing weight as well. The antioxidants available in herbal teas definitely have a positive impact on the body which in turn may contribute to a healthy body.

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  1. Tea Dome says:

    I have to agree that herbal tea are good for weight management.

    There are so many different tea to choose from you just got to know how to properly prepare it and with what to enjoy it.

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