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Treatments and Products Used by Your Podiatrist

They say that ice and heat are the best tools when it comes to treated foot problems, but idaho falls podiatrist, Dr. Michael K. James of Teton Foot and Ankle took that to the next level. From Sports taping, custom orthotics, braces, to Bio Freeze – Dr. James has all of the treatments and products you need to get you back on your feet.

Foot walking - Treatments and Products Used by Your Podiatrist

One common product used at Teton Foot and Ankle is heel lifts. Heel lifts are used to make the legs even in length. Our legs typically are not exactly equal in length, but these small differences don’t usually make a big difference. Larger differences in length can actually cause sprains, deformation, back pain, and even hip problems! With inserting a heel lift into your shoe, you will be able to have your legs be more even, which can correct posture, level out your hips, and prevent unnecessary pain.

Speaking of pain, Bio Freeze is another great product that Dr. James uses to treat pain in your ankles and feet. Bio Freeze is a chemical that has the ability to quickly alleviate pain after applied to the area. This product comes in gel form as well as a spray and a roll-on liquid. It is great for sore or pulled muscles, tendons, or even joints.

If you are an athlete or if you exercise frequently, it is important to provide stability and support to your ankles and feet. Taping your ankles is a great way to give yourself the support that you need without physically limiting yourself. At Dr. James’ office, he can teach you how to apply the athletic tape correctly to help relieve your pain and help your joints. In addition to demonstrating how to tape your feet and ankles, Teton Foot and Ankle can also sell the products that you need to wrap your feet at a fraction of the cost of local pharmacies and big box stores.

Another great product used at Teton Foot and Ankle is a cast boot. Cast boots are used in leui of a traditional fiberglass cast. Traditional casts are usually incredibly restrictive and uncomfortable and get in the way of day-to-day activities. A cast boot will allow you to still get around, maintain your hygiene, and heal, without interruption. These boots come in lots of different sizes, but Dr. James will find the right one to treat your injury.

As your local idaho falls foot doctor, Dr. Michael K. James has all of the tools he needs to treat your feet and correct any issues you may be having in your feet and ankles. If you are ready to start walking comfortably and without pain, call now to make your appointment at Teton Foot and Ankle.

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