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Top Four Check Ups That Have the Biggest Impact Right Now

Even as early as your 20s, there are many different medical screening tests and checkups that should be done to prevent major illness and disease. Without being regularly screened, it can be difficult to catch something when it is still in its early stages. As most people know, any illness is easier to treat when it is caught early, and this is the main reason for going to get screened routinely.

Check Ups - Top Four Check Ups That Have the Biggest Impact Right Now

Pap Smear

The pap smear is a test that should be done starting in your 20s and it is recommended that you have one done annually. Your gynecologist will be able to do this type of screening test for you during your annual gynecological exam. The pap test basically screens for cervical cancer and can detect it while it is still in its early stages, making it much easier to treat and put into remission.


Mammograms are something that more and more women are going for in order to check for breast cancer. Most doctors recommend that the first mammogram be done in a woman’s 50s, but if breast cancer runs in your family, you might want to start getting screened for it much earlier than that. The x-ray image of the breast can be viewed by the doctor to determine any abnormalities and detect cancerous growths that might be there.

Twice-Yearly Dental Checkups

Too many people forgo their bi-annual dental checkup because of a fear of the dentist. Unfortunately, there are many things that can be prevented and treated by going to the dentist twice a year. Gum disease and tooth lose can both be treated and prevented when you make routine trips to your local dental office. You can even look for dental implants in Indianapolis if you are currently missing teeth and want to have them replaced to achieve a more natural smile.

Blood Sugar Test

More and more people are being diagnosed with type two diabetes and this disease is affecting people’s lives in more ways than just one. Blood sugar testing should be started when you’re in your 30s, but like the mammogram, many people are having it done sooner if diabetes runs in their family.

Keeping yourself in good health and continually going for checkups is important for living a long and healthy life. While it is definitely easy to see that many of these screenings and tests are uncomfortable to go for, they can seriously prevent some major health issues from overcoming your life. Be sure to talk with your doctor to see when you should begin testing depending on your own unique health history and family history as well.

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