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Top 5 Reasons Why High Calorie Foods Affect Your Body Inversely

Calories are needed and required by the body cells in the correct and right amounts as they play the role of energy provision. The energy is useful for proper cell functioning and also the activities of the brain. Too much intake of foods with high levels or amounts of calories affects the body and health inversely. The effects can be devastating or even risky to health. One may suffer conditions that make life so uncomfortable, or add too much weight. Care should be taken on amounts of calories ingested. Consultations should be done with physicians or dietitians as they can provide good advice that can be useful for individuals to regulate calorie amounts they take.

High-Calorie Foods

  1. Weight Gain and Obesity

Though calories provide energy to the body, the effects of taking too much are dangerous and detrimental to the body. If one takes too much calories, one is likely to add weight. If the unhealthy intake is continued, weight continues to build up in the body. A person gets the excess calories stored in their bodies. The body stores them as fats. Too much fat storage in the body is unhealthy. One may find themselves fatigued most of the time. Lack of an individual to get involved in physical activities and exercise may worsen the problem. The mobility of a person becomes difficult. One may also have problems while breathing and even while sleeping. When too many fats are stored in the body, a person can suffer from obesity. This condition is associated with a lot or several other health conditions and problems.

  1. Gestation Diabetes

While women are in their stages of pregnancy, they may tend to overeat as they consider a fact that they are feeding for two people. If they do not watch the levels of calories in their diet, they are likely to suffer a health condition of Gestation Diabetes. The situation or condition may be disturbing and may especially cause complications and issues for the mother at the point or time they deliver. One suffering the condition and has complications at the delivery time may be forced to go the cesarean way for safe delivery. Babies born to women who had the condition at the time of delivery may suffer obesity as children and even in adulthood.

  1. Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Diseases

Too much weight or being overweight or obese has been associated and linked to the intake of too many calories into the body of the individual. Hypertension may be suffered by the individual who has obesity health problem. Type 2 Diabetes can also be a risk to those who are obese. Foods that may contain too much of the fats (saturated in nature) are thus harmful to health and the body. Diets should be balanced to avoid overeating of such foods.

  1. Cognitive Impairments

Research indicates that the possibility of calorie intake in high amounts to cause cognitive impairments is high. Memory loss is also associated with excess calories in the system or the body. Older people who eat or consume foods with too much of the saturated fats reportedly suffered conditions of cognitive nature compared to those who take low levels or amounts of calories in the diets. Children who are obese from the time they are in childhood are said to have more difficulties learning and understanding in their studies compared to those that are not obese. High-calorie levels in the body of a person are thus linked to such problems as slow learning and also memory loss.

  1. High-Calorie Levels and Body Physical Attractiveness

High calorie levels in the body result from the individual’s behavior of including foods that contain too much or saturated fats in the diet. One may become overweight. With the continued behavior, the individual may get obese. People who are obese may not feel physically attractive. This is because some of their body parts may have more fats accumulation than the others. Too much intake of the calories or inclusion in high amounts in the diet can lead to an individual feeling physically unattractive. Other people in the locality or society may view or look at the people who are obese as unattractive. High-calorie levels may thus inversely affect one’s shape and attractiveness of the body.


The many calories that a person takes have too many inverse effects. Instead of dealing with these effects, an individual especially those with issues of overeating should consider seeing a physician or a dietitian. Right and Proper meal planning should and need to be adopted to ensure that eating or feeding habits are healthy and do not lead to accumulation of fats in the body to levels that are unhealthy. When these levels are reached, one may suffer illnesses and disease.



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