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The Important Discussions to Have Before Pregnancy

A couple ready to start their family should take the time to address key issues before they arise. No matter how compatible a couple is, the biggest disagreements can stem from adding another person into the equation. The important discussions to have before pregnancy include finances, personal beliefs, and issues with conception.

The Important Discussions to Have Before Pregnancy - The Important Discussions to Have Before Pregnancy

Financial Stability

Finances are one thing that need to be in order before trying to conceive. The cost of prenatal care, birth, and aftercare can cause financial strain on any family that is not prepared. Consider the household income after monthly expenses are deducted. Routine check-ups will come at least once a month in a pregnancy without complications. On top of that expense, household changes will be costly as well. The baby will need its own room full of furniture and supplies. Smaller items, such as diapers, will be gifted through the baby shower so it is important to focus mainly on important, big items. Once the baby is born, one of you may plan to take time off work, or become a stay-at-home parent. Will the family be able to stay afloat with a decreased in income? If not, childcare expenses will factor in during the times you both have to be at work. Discuss the possibility of a baby with family and trusted friends who may be able to contribute to free babysitting from time to time.

Parenting Issues

Parenting is hard work, and it is best done with a solid partnership. Don’t wait until the baby is crying in the middle of the night to argue over whose turn it is. Create a schedule, or agreement for who is responsible at certain times. If both parents have jobs, decide how it works best for both parents to share the responsibilities. A major conflict can arise when it comes time to teach right from wrong. Every household is different in terms of what they find to be appropriate discipline. Although children will respond to different types of punishment, the parents need a clear agreement beforehand of what they find acceptable. Instructions also need to be expressed to grandparents and other care givers of the child to provide consistency. Religion is another topic that parents may not necessarily agree on in their relationship, but will need to reach common ground for their child. Both parents should be supportive as structure is important for all children, and no matter which direction is taken in terms of religion.

Conception Complications

Research into the medical history of each of your families to recognize any possible genetic complications that may arise with conception or pregnancy. The doctor will ask for this information as well, so it is good to have it prepared beforehand. Common hereditary conditions may not effect the baby, but it gives the physician an idea of what to keep an eye out for. A lot of perfectly healthy couples may experience unexplained infertility as they try to conceive. Decide what options you are both comfortable with in case issues should arise. Fertility treatments, surrogacy, or adoption options all come with varied expenses and possible complications.

There are a few important discussions that every couple should have before pregnancy. It is okay to disagree, as long as common ground can be reached to make starting a family as uncomplicated as possible.

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