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The Five Healthiest Ways to Improve Your Workouts

When it comes to having an optimal workout, there are a variety of things people can do to super-charge their exercise regimens. Anything can throw off a workout; whether it’s not eating enough, not having enough energy or not wearing the appropriate clothing. Here is a list of the five healthiest ways to improve your workouts.

Improve Your Workouts - The Five Healthiest Ways to Improve Your Workouts

Take Pre-Workout Formula

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your workout is take a pre-workout formula. These pre-workout supplements usually contain a good amount of caffeine, yohimbe and the amino acid, L-arginine, to help give the muscles enough drive and pump to sustain an intense workout. If you find these pre-workout formulas to be too strong because of the high amounts of caffeine, try drinking a half cup of coffee or green tea to still reap some energy.

Eat Slow and Fast-Digesting Carbohydrates

Most trainers will tell their clients to avoid eating fast-acting carbohydrates like white pastas, breads and other refined carbohydrates before working out. However, depending on the intensity of one’s workout, they might be needed in smaller doses to supply the muscle fibers with quicker forms of energy. Probably the best way to create an optimal meal mixed with fast and slow-digesting carbohydrates is to eat a copious amount of vegetables with a fast-acting starch such as potatoes, rice, breads and pastas.

Workout Earlier in the Morning

Working out earlier in the morning is another effective way of improving your workout. Anabolic hormones such as testosterone, HGH, IGF-1 and adrenaline are at their highest earlier in the morning. The body is well recovered from the previous day and catabolic hormones that slow down the body do not kick until later on. Take advantage of the morning by doing strength training right as you wake up.

Use Athletic Tape

Sometimes joint, muscle and ligament strain can affect a workout. Nonetheless, the easiest and cost-effective solution to still have maximized workouts is to Buy athletic tape to have an optimal workout. The tape is used to help improve range of motion, strength and reduce muscle strain during the workout.

Get Proper Recovery

Finally and most importantly, do not underestimate your body’s need for recovery. Intense strength training is not only taxing on your muscles, but even your nervous system. After three days of intense strength training, it is generally advised to take at least one day of full recovery. This means stay away from weight lifting and perform no more than an hour of low-impact steady state cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging intervals or cycling.

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