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The 4 Types of Yoga that Help You Lose Weight

There are many exercise programs and diet plans that are available for weight loss but some of them work better than others. Practicing Yoga on a regular basis benefits the overall health of your body. It improves flexibility and tones your body and also calms the mind of day-to-day pressure.

Yoga Pose

Some people do have this question that whether regular yoga helps in losing weight. Well, the answer depends on the type of yoga you choose to practice. For weight loss, you need to burn more calories and avoid over eating. The easiest way to gain weight is eating unhealthy food and over stuffing yourself.

There are 4 types of yoga for weight loss that will actually help. If yoga is your desired form of exercise you will need to actively participate in yoga three to four times a week for 90 minutes each time.

1) Ashtanga Yoga
There are roughly seventy five poses in Ashtanga Yoga which take at least 90 minutes to complete. This is a very energetic style of yoga that is both active and physical. It requires constant movement between poses that need considerable power and balance. All Ashtanga classes have the same sequence of poses. Some of the classes are run by an instructor, while others are open and allow for learners to practice at their own stride. Only when a learner masters the first level of Ashtanga poses does he or she move on to more inspiring and challenging stages.

2) Power Yoga
Power Yoga classes may contain many strength-training moves like chaturanga and planks or to burn calories include props like hand weights. This type of Yoga is more of a workout session than a relaxing meditative experience. Power Yoga for weight loss is more of a western type of yoga and may vary from class to class. In order to burn calorie to a great extent, experts advise combining your yoga routine with a separate cardio workout like cycling, brisk walking, swimming or jogging a few times a week.

3) Hot Yoga
Hot yoga is practiced in a heated room that will increase your heart rate and help you burn more calories as you sweat more. But make sure that you don’t over exert yourself. If you are not in the right shape, you should opt for a beginner’s class. Hot yoga for weight loss makes your digestion system more efficient, stabilizes your appetite and reduces unhealthy and unwanted food cravings.

4) Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga for weight loss is more of a meditative style of yoga which may benefit in a long run. It involves passive stretching and so you need props to support the body to hold poses for a longer time. This type of yoga leaves you feeling calm and refreshed.

In all, yoga makes you aware of what is going on in your body, helps you understand the causes of your mental and physical problems and works through them. yoga for weight loss is the best remedy, no other physical exercising can provide such effective benefits than these.  You are able to sleep better and it reduces your stress which is both very important for managing your health and weight. If you want to find a soothing class in your city, try to search for Hatha or Kundalini yoga or you can even go for a pranayama or meditation class which mainly focus on breathing and calming of mind.

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