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Taking a Closer Look: Five Equipment Pieces That Improve Your Health

Medical technology is amazing. It can prolong people’s lives and make living a much more enjoyable experience. Below is a look at five pieces of medical equipment that could possibly improve your health.

Taking A Closer Look - Taking a Closer Look: Five Equipment Pieces That Improve Your Health

Wearable Health Sensors

One recent technological advancement that has been applied to medical equipment is the vast improvement in communications technology. This has lead to the development of wearable health sensors. For example, a patient can wear an electrocardiogram sensor. The sensor is attached to a smart phone that can send information about a patient’s heart health directly to professionals.

Medical Tubing Technology

There have also been rapid advancements in regards to medical tubing technology. This is case for catheters that implement something known as a tri-layer extrusion. This is a method of medical tubing extrusion that uses three simultaneous extruders around the shaft of a catheter as opposed to just one. This can allow a balloon catheter to enter further into the body with less discomfort felt by a patient.

Electronic Pain Blockers

One health issue that can certainly be debilitating for many is severe migraine headaches. In the past, treating such headaches proved difficult. However, recently, electronic pain blockers have been developed to stop the pain. A small device can be implanted near the nerve responsible for the migraine pain. With the use of a remote control, the nerve can be stimulated to block the pain.

CPAP Machines

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can deprive a person of sleep and even cut off the supply of oxygen to the brain. Thankfully, the medical devices available to combat this condition have improved over time. This includes CPAP. CPAP is an acronym that stands for continuous positive air pressure. It is a mask that can be worn during sleep to make sure that a person’s supply of oxygen is constant.

Needle Free Diabetes Testing

In the past, a diabetes patient had to check their sugar levels and insert insulin daily with the use of needles. Thanks to new technology, this is no longer the case. There are now automated systems that can monitor a patient’s diabetes through less painful pricks. Systems that implement patches that do not even require pricks are being developed.

New medical equipment can certainly help improve the health and lives of many people that suffer from certain medical conditions. If you believe that a certain medical device could help you, discuss this possibility with your doctor.

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