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Take A Dip: The Health Benefits of Swimming

Since it is summer, it’s the perfect excuse to use these facilities with your friends and family. Aside from helping you cool off from the heat, there are several other benefits to it. Check ‘em out!


Increase Your Intelligence

If you’ve ever dreamed of toping the dean’s list, maybe now is the time to take swimming seriously. Studies show blood flow to the cranial area (aka your brain) can increase up to 14 percent when you are submerged up to the chest level; it is believed the water’s pressure against your chest may be the reason for the increase.

Increased flexibility

On land, most workouts will have you flexing only a certain body part. For example, squats focus on your legs while bicep curls have your stretching your arms. With swimming, you have no choice but to work all these parts at once as no movement means sinking. With each propelling stroke, you lengthen your body; each joint, ligament and muscle is stretched to their full extent and a lot of people actually find swimming to?ease?back pain, and there is an actual research about it.

Big Time De-stresser

Everybody hates stress and when you’re on vacation Tagaytay Highlands, the one thing you want the most is to shake it all off. And what better way to do it than by taking a dip? It’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to unwind and de-stress. Feel the water envelop and cradle you; let your mind be at peace. Forget everything that happened during the week. It’s just you and the water now, let it take away those problems. Or if you’re not the type to wade around in the water, paddle it out. Swim out all your frustrations your anger. Not only will the tension be lessened, you’ll also get a good workout out of it.

Perfect for Asthmatics

Most exercises are not fit for asthmatics as they can trigger and asthma attack. Luckily, there is one workout that won’t start set off an attack– swimming. There are hardly any allergens in the water to start off an attack and it is perceived the breathing in of the warm, damp air can lessen the chances of exercise-induced broncho construction. In addition, swimming can help improve your lungs’ function and lessen the airway reactivity.

Lessen Diabetes Risk

Over the years, the number of diabetics worldwide has increased at an alarming rate; these days, this chronic illness is considered to be among the top ten causes of death globally. If you wish to lessen your chances of becoming part of this statistic, you better start swimming. Research has shown just swimming three times a week can burn up to 900 calories, lessening your diabetes risk by more than ten percent. If you have already been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, keep on swimming! According to the University of Maryland, doing so can increase you insulin sensitivity.

One of the best things about swimming is just about anybody can do it; pregnant, old, or overweight, it does not matter! Swimming is for everyone. What are you waiting for? Dive in!


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy)?is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS Tagaytay Luxury Homes.

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