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Strolling Pains: Four Ideas for Reducing Pain from Your Daily Walking

Importance of Daily Walking

A daily walk is one of the easiest ways for anyone to remain physically fit. This activity does not require an expensive gym membership or a long drive to a facility. It is possible to walk outside in most weather or find a free indoor location such as a shopping mall. Walking on a treadmill at home is also an excellent option during bad weather.

Strolling Pains - Strolling Pains: Four Ideas for Reducing Pain from Your Daily Walking


One: Warming Up

Anytime someone exercises, they should warm up first to avoid pain. A routine of gentle stretches is a simple way to get the body ready for an intense workout. For many walkers, using movements similar to yoga is an excellent way to prepare before a long walk. Warming up the entire body, including the back before walking is essential to prevent muscle strains.


Two: Quality Footwear

Wearing supportive shoes and comfortable socks is imperative to reduce pain while walking. There are many types of walking shoes on the market, and each person must find the variety that feels the best. Choose socks made from a natural fiber such as cotton that wicks away moisture to prevent blisters from friction. Try buying from a company who makes comfortable shoes for foot pain. Also try out several brands of socks to find the type that keep feet, ankles and knees feeling good.


Three: Wear Supportive Braces

Anyone with a sensitive back, knee, or ankle due to aging or injury can find supportive braces that help to reduce discomfort while walking. Talk to a physician about serious pain in or near joints before selecting a brace. Selecting a supportive brace in the correct size and style is important to keep the joint from developing additional damage.


Four: Massaging Devices

Increasing blood circulation in the feet and legs before walking can help to prevent or reduce pain. There are massaging devices specially designed for use on the feet before or after walking to soothe away discomfort. In addition, it is possible to buy portable foot baths that warm water while massaging the feet with vibrating action. Alternatively, it is also possible to visit a day spa or beauty salon to get a foot massage.


Lose or Maintain Weight

Walking each day is one of the best ways to lose or maintain weight while keeping the joints lubricated and flexible. Regular exercise can help to prevent conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and strokes. Individuals unaccustomed to exercising frequently should begin slowly by taking short walks for several weeks before progressing to more intense routines.


Informational credit to: Kuru Footwear.

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