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Stressed and Strained: 4 Simple Ways to Effectively Manage Back Pain

Chronic back pain can bring your life to a grinding halt and make even the smallest tasks unbearable. If you would like to avoid strong prescription painkillers, then take a look at these natural options for quickly and safely eliminating upper and lower back pain.

Stressed and Strained - Stressed and Strained: 4 Simple Ways to Effectively Manage Back Pain

Actively Change Your Posture

Even if bad posture did not cause your back pain, it will definitely make it worse. Whenever you are standing or sitting, you should always keep your head back and try to squeeze your shoulder blades together. Focusing on that position for a few moments each day will straighten your spine and take pressure off of your back. One simple way to test your posture is to stand up straight with your back against a wall. When you are in that position, your legs, buttocks, lower back, shoulders, and head should all be touching the wall.

Use Topical Painkillers

Instead of taking oral painkillers that could potentially damage your kidneys, you might want to try topical painkillers to lessen the pain. Professionals, like those at Potter’s House Apothecary, know that these sprays and gels are generally made from natural products such as capsaicin and essential oils. Within moments of being applied, they will interrupt the pain signals that your nerves are sending to your brain. If you are having a tough time applying a gel or cream, then you should try to find topical sprays.

Schedule Chiropractic Appointments

Anyone who experiences back or joint pain should immediately contact a local chiropractor to schedule an appointment. Chiropractors spend years studying the most common causes of back pain, and they can help you avoid additional injuries that will result in even more pain in the future. These specialists utilize joint manipulation and decompression movements to improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and reduce inflammation.

Visit a Pain Management Specialist

These medical professionals receive special training to come up with long-term solutions to chronic pain. Instead of a single treatment or procedure, they will help you make sweeping lifestyle changes such as developing a new exercise routine, adopting a new diet, staying within a healthy weight range, and stretching tight muscles. They might also suggest alternative treatments like meditation and acupuncture.

Back pain should never be taken lightly, and anyone who experiences discomfort for more than a few days should schedule an appointment with their primary healthcare provider to be tested for a spinal injury. Catching these injuries early could help you avoid permanent damage to your neck, shoulders, and back.

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