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Strain Pain? Five Ways to Safely Work Through a Sports Injury

When you’re committed to sports, an injury is a source of major frustration. The last thing you want is to have a setback in your level of performance. You can’t stand waiting on the sidelines. Eventually, you’ll be back in shape and free of pain if you are cautious and don’t worsen your condition, but it’s hard to be patient. Take advantage of five ways to safely work through a sports injury.

Sports Injury - Strain Pain? Five Ways to Safely Work Through a Sports Injury

1. Be Realistic About Your Expectations

Remember that you aren’t instantly going to back to form. It’s going to take time to work your way back. You may need to cut back or make modifications. If you’re a runner and the injury was in your leg, you won’t be up to speed when you get back out there. If you’re a ball player and you injured your shoulder, don’t expect the same range of motion on day one. Don’t push too hard, or you could be worse off than you were in the first place.

2. Remember the Power of the Positive

Don’t let yourself get down. Keep a journal and take note of the progress you’ve made since the day you were injured. If you take two steps back, believe that you’ll take three steps forward. Your situation isn’t permanent and your body will heal.

3. Do What You are Told

Listen to your doctor, your physical therapist, your coach, and your trainer. You need to behave when you’ve had a sports injury. You can’t ignore what has happened to you and expect it to go away. Follow all instructions to the letter. Strength tape may give you added support. Go to and learn about kinesio tape instructions. It can provide invaluable benefits as you work toward recovery.

4. Keep Up with Practice and Exercise

Continue to exercise to the best of your ability. If one leg is out of commission, give the other leg attention. The same can be said about your arms. If you have upper body limitations, get out there and walk. You need to remain active.

5. Don’t Isolate Yourself

Don’t shut yourself off from teammates or good friends. They can help you through a hard time, give advice, and sympathize. They’ve probably been there too.

A sports injury is a road block that no athlete wants to face. However, with the right attitude, effort, and caution, you can recover. Time and patience will get positive results.

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