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Stop Blaming Breast Size for the Upper Back Pain

One of the most persistent myths about large breasts is that they will cause you pain in the upper back and neck area. However, there is no proof to support this fact. On the other hand, there are different things related to the back pain and there are different problems that come with large breasts. Here are some of the things that you may want to know if you definitely want to stop being miserable because of your F cups.

Upper Back Pain

You Don’t Need Breasts to Experience Upper Back Pain

If breast size caused back pain, then it would stop after patients had a breast reduction surgery. However, even women who underwent this type of surgery or women with smaller breasts still experience this type of health issue. Moreover, there is a certain percentage of men who have similar aches. Bad posture, lack of exercise, repetitive motions and other factors influence the appearance of discomfort and pain to a far greater degree than cup size.

Good Posture Will Improve Things

Doctors claim that the posture in which shoulders are rolled to the front and the neck is extended upwards causes the pains that can be really bad. This, as well as other types of bad posture can be factors in discomfort and back aches. Therefore, make sure that you always have good posture sitting, standing or doing anything manually or otherwise. Some women may force bad posture because they subconsciously try to make their breasts less visible, by bending their back. This is not only inefficient, but causes spinal problems.

Avoiding Exercise Is Not Helping

Technically, your back pain is there because of the muscles and ligaments. They are influenced by your bad posture, but also by many other things. To make them stronger and, therefore, more resilient, you need to exercise. Your best bet is to focus on the area between your shoulder blades. In order to do something about it, use the physio ball. You should lie on your stomach on the ball and try bending backwards. You can also extend your arms, in the same position and lift one leg at the time. Also, you should do exercises to strengthen your core. It will relieve the back muscles and ligaments by taking over some of their burden.

Therapy and Pain Management

Other causes of the back pain are different injuries or other issues that can be dealt with only medically. If this is the case, you need to contact your doctor and make sure they prescribe pain medication or recommend physical therapy that will help you on the long run. Pain medication can help you for a while, but they are definitely not something that you should rely on for life. They should only act as a relief before you get your body into good shape.

Breast Reduction Is an Option

Large breasts can cause problems when exercising and some women even experience emotional and psychological issues because of them. Today, breast reduction surgery is a routine intervention that is done with minimal risk of complication. Simple search for best plastic surgery in Sydney will yield a lot of results, but you should still look for the most reputable clinics with god reviews.

Your health comes first. Therefore, it’s important that you have a healthy lifestyle and that you follow your doctor’s instructions if you want to stay healthy or solve any of the medical issues that you may have. Once you are nice and healthy, it is time to think about esthetics and good looks. However, if you feel good, you will look good, as well.

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