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Sports For Life: Five Jobs To Keep You Active All Your Life

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the daily monotony of having a job, with something you love like being physically active and staying in shape? Luckily for you, there are plenty of options available that will allow you to get paid, and live a healthy life with plenty of physical fitness. Here are five jobs to consider that will keep you active all your life.

Sports For Life - Sports For Life: Five Jobs To Keep You Active All Your Life

Personal Trainer

Being physically fit as a personal trainer is important for a few different reasons. First off, if you want to develop a strong clientele, you’ll have to quickly learn that you are your own product, and you have to be in great shape if you want to make money. But more importantly, you’ll also learn that working out with people is a great way to get other people to sign up to train with you. Being a personal trainer is great for those that loving being in the gym all day long, as well as for those who enjoy changing the lives of other people.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is also another great job when it comes to helping other people. Whether it is from a sports injury, an accident, or a life changing rehabilitation, physical therapists help people overcome the impossible and get back on track in life. But in order for you to keep up with your patients, and help them be their best, it’s also important for you to be on top of your game physically as well. Working with patients all day long will keep you active and be a workout in itself.

Yoga Or Dance Instructor

Love being at the gym, but don’t fancy lifting weights all day long? Then consider being a yoga or dance instructor. These professionals go hard all day long, teaching class after class of fitness to other people. Not only will you get to keep in great shape, but you’ll also perfect some great dance moves and become more flexible than ever before. Dance and yoga instructors must be well educated in the body and muscle groups as well, so be sure you have what it takes to teach others about your specific art form.


If you have a knack for sport, and want to teach others how to play the game, consider being a coach. As a coach, you’ll not only work up a sweat during practice, but you’ll also keep it going while running back and forth from the bench to tell your players what to do in a specific situation. An OU Masters in Coaching will get you on the path to being a coach, as well as learning more about the sport you love.

Sports Mascot

If you want to root for your team and get audiences riled up, consider being a sports mascot. You’ll get to attend all of your favorite sporting events for free, and you’ll also work up quite the sweat underneath that mascot outfit. It may be the perfect job to get you further in the sports area.

There are plenty of job options for staying in shape and getting a paycheck. Consider any of the options listed here to involved sports, and stay fit for life.

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