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Six Amazing Advances in Medical Technology You Need to Be Aware Of

Today’s technological advances happen in much more rapid succession than at any other time before. One particularly meaningful beneficiary of such advancement is the medical field. So much is happening here that it can become quite difficult to stay in stride with knowing all that is going on the field. To sum up some of the most important, recent medical advances, we review six that you should be aware of, or will be made aware of very soon.

medical technology - Six Amazing Advances in Medical Technology You Need to Be Aware Of

Valproic Acid

The state of “shock” is one of great medical importance. When someone goes into shock, their chances of ultimate survival can be greatly endangered. Science has begun to understand the process much more now. This is so much the case that we now have a compound, Valproic Acid, which can inhibit many of the harmful protein-processes of shock, giving the sufferer a much better chance at survival.

HIPAA Electronic Security

In a world of electronic records and data transmissions, we all know how damaging information can be when found in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the wrong hands are always prying for your private info. Thanks to some very important breakthroughs in HIPAA encryption and subsequent requirements, a vast wave of medical information theft has been thwarted. Now private information will remain the way it was intended to. Complete confidentiality is always the main goal. The new measures call for super-encryption of secure text and medical records.

Bionic Eyes

An American company, Second Sight, is engaged in some very promising testing of its bionic eyes. That’s right, it seems as though we may actually be on the cusp of restoring lost sight. In short, the device works by artificial communication of images through a processor, to the brain. Testing is showing groundbreaking results.

Printable Tissue

3D Printers are a definite breakthrough for the ages. Simply use a special plastic and print area to manufacture virtually anything. Now, instead of using printable plastics, human tissue is being printed into usable form. Soon, it is quite likely that a lost finger, ear, or foot will simply be remedied by a printed replacement.

Plant-Based Insulin

Cutting-edge in its time, the deriving of insulin from other animals has undoubtedly saved countless lives. However, that’s about to change. Having genetically inserted human-insulin growth in safflowers, University of Calgary researchers promise a cheap, mass-produced, plant-based insulin very soon.

SGLT2 Inhibitors

On the subject of insulin and diabetes, another development, SGLT2 Inhibitors, is about to shake things up. The SGLT2 is a new compound that completely changes the way the body handles glucose altogether. Instead of sending extra to the kidneys, it is handled as waste and expelled via urine.

These are six of the moment’s most noteworthy happenings right now in the medical industry. Stay tuned as we watch for what tomorrow will bring.

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