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Seeing is Believing: 5 Foods for Eye Health

It has been long said that eating properly is a necessary part of staying healthy. Enjoying a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients is not only crucial to combating the onset of diseases and heart health, it is one way to achieve healthy eyesight. Certain foods are rich in vitamins and nutrients that help to improve and maintain the eyes. Here are five foods that are guaranteed to improve the eyes and lengthen the life of them as well.

Food for Eye Health - Seeing is Believing: 5 Foods for Eye Health


Garlic is full of sulphur and produces glutathione. Glutathione is a protein that functions as an antioxidant for the eye’s lenses. Increasing the levels of this protein in the body helps to prevent and remedy problems like cataracts, muscular degeneration, and glaucoma.


Salmon has high amounts of omega-3 fats. These fatty acids help to protect to the small blood vessels located inside of the eye. Anyone suffering from dry eyes should increase their consumption of salmon, or other type of fatty fish. Increasing omega-3 fats in the body is one of several home remedies for dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome has been connected to low levels of fatty acids in the body.


This leafy green is one of the best vegetables for the eyes because it is rich in vitamin C, lutein, beta carotene, and zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin and lutein increases the macula’s pigment density. A higher pigment density increases the amount of protection the retina receives. It also decreases the chances of developing macular degeneration. Lutein also acts as sunscreen for the eyes. It absorbs roughly 40 to 90 percent of the blue light intensity that impacts the eye.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are good sources of beta carotene. Beta carotene can slow down the progression of macular degeneration. Beta carotene is converted by the body to vitamin A. Vitamin A is another way to eliminate dry eyes, prevent night blindness, and defends the eye against infections. It is best to get nutrients like beta carotene from eating the food itself, not from nutritional supplements.


Not only is turkey rich in protein, it also has a lot zinc. Combining zinc with other types of antioxidants reduces the chance of a person experiencing age-related muscular degeneration by 25 percent. It also helps to prevent any further damage to the eye that muscular degeneration can cause.

Taking care of the eyes is important to maintaining good eyesight. There are several natural ways to improve and promote eye health, eating healthy foods is one of them. These five foods are good ways to improve eye health. Anyone that increases their diet will benefit from these foods.

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