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Reasons of the Back Pain and its Solutions

Back pain is one of the main reasons of discomfort, because entire movement almost depends on the back. The most important thing is that it is one of the most common problems that are faced by the people, especially in women. There are many reason of back pain but aging also matters, especially in women it is caused due to age and change in hormones. The other main reason of back pain is very common, which is over weight, it is one of the main reasons of back pain that is faced by women.

Back massage

The other reason of back pain can be continuous stretch, up and down of the body, hectic routine and work. Or the reason can be any spinal disease, like for example arthritis. To avoid this pain from the beginning is the solution to it, because almost everyone get effected to it at any stage precautions and preventer measures are a only solution to this back pain, the following tips will help you out in avoiding the back pain:

Regular routine of exercise:

The best way to avoid this back pain is that you have to make a regular routine of the exercise; workout will help you out in preventing your self from the back pain. Exercise helps your body to b more flexible and efficient working, exercise helps in maintaining the body balance and physique.

The other main thing that effects the back us that when your body is used to the exercise and work out and you suddenly stop doing it due to a particular reason this really effects your back and make yourself not only lazy but also it may result in severe back pain. When you re used to doing the exercise then your body gets used to it and it demands that work out daily in case of stopping it you have to face the circumstances.

The other major reason of increasing back pain is that when people suffer with back pain the only solution they found is to rest, like for the whole day with out movement of the body. The thought is that taking rest will reduce the back pain, in fact the reality is opposite to it because you think that best optio9n to get relief of the back ache is to limit the body movement like for example reducing the work out, which is totally wrong, but the reality is that you will feel relief for only two to three days and after it you will have to face more pain and the rest will not help the pain. The doctors’ ad physicians suggest that regular physical activity will help the patients of back pain.

Check on your weight:

Back ache is mostly faced by the people with over weight; they have to face the severe discomfort in moving their body due to this back pain. Over weight can cause the back pain to become more worst, people with ideal weight mostly face less back ache problems as compare to fat people, because they have a strain and stress on their lower back due to weight. To avoid this you have to maintain your weight to keep your self active and flexible. Having a control on your diet and maintaining the physical activity will help you in maintaining the weight.

Smoking prohibition:

The effect of smoking is also the worst on the back pain, because the physicians suggest that the patients whom are suffering with the severe back pain have to quickly quit the smoking, because smoking does not allow the nutrient containing blood to reach to the spinal cord, which will make the condition more and more worst. These things are not that difficult to adopt and too follow, because they are a part of regular routine but not difficult than to have the severe pain that will effect your whole routine and life and you will have to face the results.

Martha Gregston recommended focusing on your regular routine rather than taking the medicines and treatments. Concentrating on the routine is free of all the side effects on the other side medication have severe side effects. She recommended visiting the site for further information.

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