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Quick Weight Loss Formula for Women

As you know, fatty tissue concerns which women have are often specific and determined by their female nature. Very often women spend quite a lot of time doing cardiovascular routines, sweating in a fat loss classes, trying various other exercises, but with little result to the tough spots they have.

There are plenty of women with the same problems: a lot of effort fails to bring the desired results and the clothes remain as tight as before. Once I had a conversation with a woman about the ways of getting rid of that very tough fat the women struggle to lose.

Usually the magazines as well as internet keep advising the same: more cardiovascular training and less fat intake. It seemed to the woman she knew everything about the fat loss; however she was surprised to get to know certain facts. I had to remind her that cardio was useless in the belly and thigh problem, it simply did not work for the purpose, especially while losing weight after pregnancy.

Are you ready to find out the A to Z of the female fat problem? Let’s start.

Secret 1: Intervals work, cardiovascular not.

Numerous studies have proved that the intervals work best; it is especially surprising if to take into consideration the amount of time spent for a work out.

With the woman I mentioned the result was visual in just a few weeks, her arms and thighs looked better.

Secret 2: Improving the nutritional content of the food thus targeting the fat.

Stop eating sugar and carbohydrates that come from various fast food deserts and other sources. Exercising is not an excuse of eating more and gaining weight.

Secret 3: Exercise with body mass it will increase your metabolic rate and improve body shape.

Exercising with lightweight dumbbells will not be as effective as if leveraging the weight of your body, a significant improvement to your body will not make you wait long.

Secret 4: Ditch crunches and whole body exercises will help you cope with tummy fat.

Remember you lose fat best when the whole body is involved and in such a way your shapes become more attractive in a shorter time.

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