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Protein Supporting Our Back: Importance of Protein in Our Diets

Proteins are important nutritional substances crucial for a good health of our body. Proteins are part of every cell and, besides the water, are the most important substances in the body. They are important for building the muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails and internal organs. Proteins can be converted into sugar or fat to be used as body fuel and they will help you to maintain a good level of energy. If you do not intake enough protein, your body will degrade itself; therefore it is necessary to take 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight on a daily basis.

Protein food

Lead role by protein in our body

The first thing we think of when proteins are in questions is muscle tissue. However, we forget that skin, organs and bones are largely made by protein too. Protein is also involved in building and repairing body tissues and even is used to build antibodies that fight off disease.

If we fail to maintain an optimal level of proteins in our daily food intake, we may experience physical weakness due to muscle degrading and loss of muscle mass, fatigue and finally a weakened immune system.

Protein sources

The main source of protein is nutrition. Through food, we are getting proteins of animal and vegetable origin, break them into amino acids, and then use them in the construction of our body. Foods that contain proteins can be divided into groups:

  • Concentrated proteins – red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, cheese, yogurt, and beans; wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, nutritional yeast and some algae. These foods contain about 20% protein or more. Average protein foods – include cereals such as rice, wheat, oats, millet and barley. They include 6-14% protein, and they are considered incomplete proteins. This means that these foods need to be combined with other protein foods.
  • Low protein foods – like fruits, vegetables and juices; containing less than 5% protein.

To better understand the concept of protein, it is important to know what’s it made from. Our body needs 20 different amino acids to function properly, and these amino acids form different types of protein. However, the specific nine amino acids are impossible to be synthesized by humans. We call these essential amino acids, which means they must be obtained by food.

Animal proteins are of higher quality. They contain essential nutrients, including carnitine, zinc, taurine, vitamin B12, methionine, niacin and more. Animal protein is considered to be “more complete” protein than the plant protein. What does this mean? Proteins from chicken or beef contain all the essential amino acids needed by our body to make new proteins, since they are similar to the proteins from the human body. The proteins from plant sources such as soy or vegetables do not contain all the necessary amino acids that our body needs. On the other hand, food rich in animal protein has a high value of fat, especially saturated ones, and cholesterol. The best way to reduce fat and cholesterol, and at the same time satisfy the organism required amounts of protein, is to use a protein shake in your diet.

Protein supplement

Protein supplements

Today, many people are concerned about whether they eat enough protein. If you do not get enough protein on a daily basis you need to take protein supplements. Casein protein powder is extremely popular among those who want to build up their bodies and be in shape. It is popular because it has the ability to provide your body with a great amount of amino acids that could last for days; it will help you to lose weight and even has a positive effect on the preventing of enamel erosion.

However, remember that the protein dietary supplements are useful, but they are not a substitute for food. They are your snack that helps in building and preserving muscle tissue.

Importance of proteins in our diet is unquestionable. Adequate protein intake for children is very important for their growth and development, especially for infants. Also, athletes can not reach their maximum without proper nutrition and dietary supplements, especially protein supplements that affect building and preserving muscle tissue.

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