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Physiotherapy Benefits for Back Pain Relief

The pain in the lower back is so common that over 80 percent of people will be heard to complain about it at some point in their lives. Back pain does not choose any particular age, class or gender, so practically anyone could be suffering from it, regardless of their age or lifestyle. Once you decide to do something about it, the goal is not only to reduce the pain but also to prevent possible re-occurring. Luckily, the lower back pain is not so serious, even though it might seem depressing and exhausting for those who have it. However, if it is not treated on time, similarly to many other health issues, it can cause more severe problems in future.

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The pain manifestation

Usually, lower back pain occurs in a region above the tailbone which is often connected with the pain in the upper thighs and buttocks as well. It is mostly caused by poor mobility, sitting for eight or more hours at work, or being in poor physical condition. All of this causes muscle atrophy and the same unhealthy spine position which eventually leads to pain. Sometimes, it can also manifest itself as a result of some kind of pro-active injury or even a trauma, overstressing your so called ‘lumber spine’.

Sources of injury

It’s common for people to be a bit stiff when lifting heavier weights because they tend to use their backs as support and not their leg and arm muscles. Every bending and lifting of heavy items without using your knees and thigh muscles directly burdens the lower back. Sudden sprain of the ligaments (which is the common result of the car accidents or sports injuries) can also cause swelling and permanent back pain problems. There are many different things which can cause back pain, from the simplest injury to osteoporosis – and what they all have in common is the fact that they should be treated on time.

Back pain treatment

As we mentioned before, an early treatment is the key for your pain relief. Most back pain problems can be successfully solved with physiotherapy treatment. The treatment methods vary on your diagnose so it depends whether you will be treated with McKenzie’s exercises, manual therapy (massages), stretching etc. When choosing a therapist, make sure they have high-quality physio supplies and equipment, otherwise you risk more damage to your back and even more health complications.

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Pain relief

The occurrence of pain in the back is usually the final stage of actual problem and unfortunately ‘the trigger’ for the most people to go visit their doctor. When the inflammation settles down, first visible improvements will occur. However, you should not stop with your treatment. In time, you should improve your range of motions by doing light exercises in order to restore your full functionality. You should continue with regular visits to your physiotherapist which will prevent the pain from reoccurring. Give yourself enough time to fully recover so you could return to your regular life activities.

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for some help when you really need it. By not forcing yourself too much you will avoid back pain and injuries. Follow your doctor’s and therapist’s advice and work out regularly. By doing this, you will allow yourself to successfully proceed with everyday life.

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