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Pain in the Neck: Tricks to Relax Tense Shoulders

Stress, fatigue, and electronics create the perfect storm that can result in tense, sore shoulders. Sometimes working at a desk, you can receive compensation if you neck pain gets bad enough, or at least get some benefits like gym time or massages. But if you’re simply tired of feeling like a hunchback, and want the tension in your shoulders to disappear for good, then all you have to do is get moving!

Neck Pain

Work Your Neck

When your neck is all kinked up, it affects your shoulders. By relaxing your neck muscles, you open your upper shoulders and increase your shoulders’ range of motion. Sit up straight looking forward and keep your feet flat on the ground. Drop your arms to your sides and drop your head back as far as you can. You should feel a stretch in the sides and back of your neck. Keep your head tilted back for a few seconds before bringing it upright. Repeat five to 10 times before resting, and aim for three rounds a day if you have particularly tight upper shoulders and a stiff neck. 

Chasing Spiders Exercise

This is a great exercise if you have frozen shoulders and are dying for some relaxation in your neck. Face a wall with bent knees and your palms touching the wall. Walk your hands up the wall using your fingertips and stop when you feel the stretch in your neck and back. Hold briefly, then slowly walk your hands back down and repeat a few more times, sending your hands higher as your muscles relax.

Stretch at Work with Chair Yoga

For those moments when staring at your computer or a stack of paperwork are simply unbearable, scoot your chair back from your desk and give your shoulders and neck a break. Hold your chair with your right hand and stretch your left arm out at a diagonal with your palm facing down. Drop your left ear to your left shoulder so you feel a lovely stretch in the right side your neck and shoulder. Make sure you keep your shoulders dropped and relaxed and your chest lifted for the ultimate stretch.

When the space between your shoulders is tight and painful, a yoga pose known as eagle arms will also give you a good stretch. Cross your right arm over your left and bring your palms or the back of your hands to touch. Drop your shoulders, lift your elbows up, and push your hands away from your face. Hold for five full breaths before switching sides. You’ll notice an immediate release in your neck and shoulders.

Your shoulders don’t have to be tight and uncomfortable. Take a few minutes out of your day to feel like that heavy load is finally lifted from them completely. If your pain is due to the negligence of another person or company, read more here about what legal options you might have for treatment as well. Your shoulders deserve a break!

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