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Pain Free- 5 Ab Blasting Exercises that Won’t Hurt Your Back

As many fitness professionals will tell you, the midsection can make or break your entire physique. It wouldn’t matter how nice your arms, chest, or glutes are if your oversized belly is the first thing that other people notice. Working the abs in conjunction with a nutritious diet is the key to blasting away the bulge. Unfortunately, many ab exercises can put extra strain on your back. If you want to hit the abs hard without having to feel like you’ve been hit hard in the back, here are some exercises that should have you burning in your core.

Ab Blasting Exercises - Pain Free- 5 Ab Blasting Exercises that Won't Hurt Your Back

1. Plank Hold

Begin with your hands and knees on the floor. The arms should be positioned right under your shoulders as you raise your knees off the ground. Balancing on your outstretched hands and toes, your body should be aligned from head to toe to form a straight line. This position is identical to the push phase of the push-up exercise and should be held for 30 to 60 seconds before returning to the starting position.

2. Bicycles

With the bicycle, you’re imitating riding a bike while lying flat on your back. Begin lying down with your arms at your sides. Slowly lift both fully-extended legs slightly above the ground, then pull one of them towards your chest by bending your knee. Keep the other leg extended, and point with your toes. Switch legs after about ten seconds, and repeat for at least ten to 15 repetitions before resting.

3. Suspended Leg Raises

While supporting your entire body weight with your arms by hanging from a bar, put your legs together, and slowly raise them using only your core muscles until they are parallel to the ground. Hold this pose for three to five seconds before going back down. During the movement, try to keep your legs together and extended as far out as possible for the most resistance. Once you’ve created a right angle, slowly lower your legs until they’re dangling freely under you, then repeat.

4. Hip Lifts

Lie down on your back with your knees up and feet flat on the floor. Using the abs and legs, lift your hips so that your body creates a bridge. During the five to ten second hold, ensure that your upper body and head remain on the ground. Your arms should be resting at your sides on the floor. During the negative, don’t just drop down on your butt. Use the abs to slowly set yourself back down.

5. Kneeling Stretches

Start by getting down on the hands and knees. While supporting your weight with the right hand and right knee, raise your left arm and left leg straight out until they are in line with your body. Hold the stance for about five seconds, and then switch sides.

Initiating your abs is essential for getting a narrow, toned waist, but don’t sacrifice your back in the process. These exercises and more can help you slim down without getting injured or worsening an existing injury. Websites such as the Ideal Shape fitness blog are dedicated to helping regular people like you achieve their fitness goals the right way, so get online to learn more about how to get the body you’ve always wanted.

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