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Out of Alignment? Five Most Common Reasons for Back Problems

The human back is a complicated structure consisting of bones, muscles, nerves and ligaments, all of which can be involved in multitude of conditions that can result in back pain. However, here are the five most common reasons for most back problems that prompt patients to seek professional chiropractic treatment.

Back Problems - Out of Alignment? Five Most Common Reasons for Back Problems

1. A Ruptured or Bulging Disc

A common cause of back problems is due to the rupturing, or bulging, of a vertebral disc. A vertebral disc is the spongy disc located between the vertebrae of the spine. The disc helps to cushion the bones in the spine. When the spine becomes overly strained or compressed, the disc can rupture, or bulge outward from between the vertebrae. This may put pressure on the nerve roots, leading to severe back pain.

2. Degenerative Conditions

Another common cause of back pain is degeneration of the spine due to conditions such as arthritis, disc disease, osteoporosis and spinal stenosis. These conditions affect the bones of the spine and typically occur as people age.

3. Sprains, Strains and Spasms

Sprains, strains and back spasms involve the muscles or ligaments in the back and are frequently the result of heavy lifting or overstretching. It is this type of back issue that often brings patients to chiropractors such as with the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres of Ontario, which include chiropractors located in Mississauga.

4. Poor Posture

Back muscle pain can occur as a result of poor posture. The stooping and slouching positions of bad posture tend to throw the body off balance. To compensate, the muscles and ligaments of the back work to maintain balance and prevent falling. When poor posture is prolonged or habitual, the muscles and ligaments become stressed and overworked. This leads to back pain.

5. Scar Tissue Buildup

Scar tissue buildup from repeated back injuries is among the five common causes of back pain. Scar tissue does not have the strength and flexibility of normal back tissue. The presence of scar tissue weakens the back, which can lead to more serious injury and increased back pain.

Back pain is a common medical issue that many people will suffer from at least once in their life. Back pain leads to missed work days and, when it becomes chronic, a back problem is the leading cause of job-related disability. Whether the source of the back pain is in the muscles, ligaments, or the spine, chiropractic treatment may be able to provide relief.

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