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Most Common Car Crash Injuries and How to Combat Them

Being a victim of a car accident can not only leave you with bumps and bruises but can result in more severe injuries to the body.?Some of the most common injuries that are sustained during a car accident include the below examples. Dealing with these are never fun, but can be made more bearable when you know what to expect.

Car Accident Injury - Most Common Car Crash Injuries and How to Combat Them


One of the most commonly known vehicle injuries is whiplash. This often occurs in rear-end collisions and is caused by a sudden and severe movement of the head and neck. The severity of whiplash can vary greatly from person to person, and in severe cases can result in long-lasting muscle and nerve damage. Treatment of Whiplash normally includes stabilization of the neck with a brace, icing the neck to reduce swelling, and taking anti-inflammatory medications. You might also need to talk to a physical therapist.

Herniated Disks

A herniated disk occurs when the back experiences trauma and two vertebrae are pushed closer together, forcing the disk in between them to slip or protrude. This can lead to pain as well and numbness and tingling in extremities due to the compression of nerve endings. Treatment for a herniated disc depends on the location of the disc and the severity.?In severe cases, you are most likely to need a surgical procedure to correct the damage. If the damage is less severe, treatment can involve medication to treat the pain and relax the muscles along with physical therapy.

Broken Ribs

When jolted in a car accident, your body may be thrown into the seat in front of you, the steering column, or the dashboard of the car.?If the impact is severe, you may suffer from a broken rib.? While most broken ribs can be reset, the more immediate risk is the possibility that the broken ribs have punctured internal organs. If you suffer from a broken rib you will have to go through imaging tests to ensure there is no internal damage. The treatment for broken ribs involves regular icing and heat, wrapping the affected area, resting, and restricting your activities until the bones have healed.


A concussion usually occurs in a car accident due to the victim being thrust into a window, steering wheel, or dashboard.?If you are hurt in a motorcycle in Denver or along the Grand Canyon, concussions as well as road rash can be an issue. Concussions can range from mild or severe, and are the result of the brain being hit hard against the inside of the skull.?Concussions are usually treated with pain medication and rest.? If you have suffered a concussion you will need to be closely monitored for a length of time.

If you have been the victim of an accident and have suffered from one of the injuries above, you should contact an injury attorney to ensure that not only your car but your medical needs will be covered. Know what you’ll have to expect with your injury and be sure to rest and recover in any event.

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