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Medical Devices That Make All The Difference in the World

Balloon catheters and stents are medical devices that make all the difference in the world because they are used to perform angioplasty to open arteries and prevent heart attack death. During episodes of angina and heart attacks, blood vessels that pump blood to the heart become partially or completed blocked. In these emergency situations, blood flow to the heart must be restored, and the preferred method of restoring blood flow to the heart is angioplasty.

Medical Device - Medical Devices That Make All The Difference in the World

Angioplasty: Devices Used to Save Lives

The goal of angioplasty is to open up a blood vessel that has been partially or completely occluded by the buildup of cholesterol. This will allow blood to continuously flow to the heart, and prevent another heart attack or chest pain from the same area. During angioplasty, a cardiologist feeds a balloon stent, through a catheter, and into the patient’s blood vessel. The objective is to push this stent through this patient’s vasculature until it reaches the blocked site near the heart.

Extrusion Devices That Make All the Difference

In order to successfully place the stent near the heart, balloon extrusion devices are manufactured and used to insert the balloon and stent during angioplasty. These highly specialized medical devices are custom built to fit into a patient’s artery during surgery without rupturing any vessels. They are inserted in the thigh or arm and pushed to the heart. These extrusion devices are extremely specialized because the process of pushing a stent through the arm to the heart must be performed carefully and requires a highly skilled surgeon.

Stents to Keep Patients Alive

Stents are metal, mesh-like devices that are inserted during angioplasty and left in a patient’s artery indefinitely. They are rigid and hollow, allowing the artery to stay open so blood can flow to the heart, despite the build up of cholesterol. Some stents are bare metal, while others are drug eluding. Stents are almost always used after heart attacks for their abilities to prolong life.

Catheter Devices For Accuracy

During angioplasty, the mesh like stent is fed into the patient’s artery using a balloon catheter. In order for the stent to be small enough to travel through the arteries, it has to be collapsed before it is placed. Then, when the cardiologist has pushed the stent to the correct location near the heart, the balloon inside the stent can be inflated in order to open the stent to fit the artery.

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