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Lingering Back Pain from an Auto Accident

Tens of millions of people are involved in traffic accidents every year worldwide and back injuries are some of the most common resulting injuries. Some back injuries are apparent immediately, while others may not be evident for days, weeks, or even months after. Some injuries resolve relatively quickly while others linger much longer. More than 70% of people that visit the emergency room after a car accident are still experiencing pain over one month after the incident. There are some things you can do to help alleviate the lingering pain.

Auto Accident

Seek Medical Help

Oftentimes, immediately following an accident, injury will not be apparent. It is very important to seek medical attention even if the accident seems minor. Receiving a diagnosis can be very helpful for your physical well-being as well as for insurance and legal purposes in the future should the need arise.

Fix Your Posture

Fixing slumped posture can help alleviate back pain. Check your reflection in a mirror to make sure you are standing or sitting straight rather than slumping forward. If you are sitting for a long period of time, it is wise to stand up, move around, stretch a bit, and sit down again.

Strengthen Your Core

Core muscles, those ranging from just under the rib cage to mid-thigh are very important in strengthening your back. With the doctor’s permission, yoga or pilates are very good exercises to help strengthen your core. The controlled movements and holds strengthen muscles and increase flexibility, which can in turn help alleviate lingering back pain.

Loosen Tight Muscles

Sometimes getting moving when in pain can be very difficult. With a doctor’s permission, however, movement is extremely important. Tight muscles from lack of use can actually increase discomfort. If you are unable to move freely, consider using a foam roller to help loosen your muscles without too much movement needed.

Alternate Hot and Cold

Applying an ice pack for 5 minute intervals will help increase blood flow to the sore muscles. You can use heat the following day if there is still residual soreness.

Lingering back pain is far more than a nuisance. It can significantly impede everyday activities, impacting work and play. Do not ignore it and think it will go away. Make sure to seek out medical help, as well as legal assistance from places like Bachus & Schanker Law, to best navigate the right course of action and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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