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Is Back Pain a Sign You Should Lose Weight?

Obesity and weight related problems are on the rise throughout the world and here in the UK an alarming 61.3% of adults and 30% of children are overweight or obese. This has lead to a rise in serious health conditions, many of which are directly related like colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, whilst many others are the result of a medically unacceptable amount of weight putting pressure on the body, resulting in, amongst other conditions, chronic back pain.

Weight loss - Is Back Pain a Sign You Should Lose Weight?

Obesity and back pain

It should come as no surprise that many obese or overweight people suffer from back pain as a result of carrying around too much weight, after all the human spine is designed to support a certain amount of weight and exceeding what is considered in medical terms to be an acceptable bodyweight can put excessive pressure on the spine.

Back pain is, however, not only caused by obesity as there are numerous other causes that result in back pain, some of which people are genetically predisposed to suffer from, whilst some are the result of a lack of exercise and leading a sedentary lifestyle. This is one of the leading causes of obesity and could lead to further back pain, particularly in the lumbar region of the spine, the lower back.

Another common cause of back pain is aging – growing old. This is a common contributing factor to back pain, but don’t for a second believe that this is the only reason you’re suffering from back pain if you’re obese or overweight, as carrying around excessive body weight will exacerbate the effects of aging and can result in further back pain that could restrict movement and make it even more difficult to take the exercise you require to keep a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index).

Common conditions

There are a number of common conditions that obese people are prone to suffering from, and whilst it is possible to suffer from these conditions even though you’ve made the effort to keep your BMI to a healthy level, if you are obese or overweight you’re more at risk than someone who has maintained a healthy weight through diet, exercise or because they’re simply genetically predisposed not to gain weight as some are.

Excessive body weight can place unnatural pressure on your joints when moving or resting and this can result in Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, two debilitating conditions that can seriously impede your ability to move freely and can also cause chronic pain.

Lower back pain is, as mentioned above, one of the most common results of obesity and excessive bodyweight and as you may have noticed in yourself or in other overweight people, this often results in curvature of the lower spine as the pelvis gradually tilts further and further forward. This curvature not only affects the lower back, as it also affects the entire spine and commonly results in neck pain and other posture related problems.

Osteoporosis is a disease that is commonly associated with aging, but it is also increasingly associated with obesity. This common condition is caused by a loss in bone density, and although a loss in bone density isn’t usually the result of excessive bodyweight, it is, however, often the result of leading a sedentary lifestyle and that is one of the leading causes of obesity today. Furthermore, excessive bodyweight can aggravate osteoporosis caused by aging.

Fighting back pain and obesity

As mentioned earlier, back pain isn’t always caused by obesity since there are often other contributing factors that are the root cause of the problem, but if you’re obese or overweight there’s a good chance that the back pain you’re experiencing is the result of excessive bodyweight placing unnecessary pressure on your spine.

The best way to fight back pain and obesity would be to lose weight by adopting healthier eating habits and taking regular light exercise with an eye to losing weight. Moreover, many people who suffer from back pain and weight issues have found it necessary to consult an online physician at to procure prescription diet pills to help them lose weight in a safe manner by combining prescription medication with better eating habits and regular light exercise.

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