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Improve Your Health with Harmonious Frequencies

As human beings, we often believe that we are above the world around us, a higher form that is leader of our surroundings. In fact, we are simply part of this universe and are connected to it in ways often unseen with the naked eye. Sound is one of the many links that we have to the natural world as the vibrations around us have very real effects on our bodies. The right frequencies can actually be used to promote healing and a healthier lifestyle as we’ll find out below!

The Medical Qualities of Sound

At its base form, sound is merely the vibration of atoms in whatever medium is carrying it. This can be air, water, wood: basically anything. For example, we can hear someone talking in the next room as the sounds travels through the air and walls to our ears. The cells in our bodies also pick up these small vibrations. Have you ever stood next to a large speaker? As each bass note sounds out, you can feel your body vibrating along to the music. This applies to all noise, although we can’t really feel it for the higher frequencies.

This doesn’t mean there is no effect however. Our cells are very small and so will experience positive or negative changes depending on the size of the vibrations. By tuning these waves in the right manner, you can actually heal the body and promote better health through sound. For example, NASA prevents the loss of bone mass in their astronauts by utilising vibration therapy. Of course, there are many other benefits depending on the frequency used. Some of these include:

  • Relief of period pain
  • Treatment of athlete’s foot
  • Elimination of acne
  • Improved concentration
  • Rebalancing of mood

These are just some of the positive outcomes possible through the use of sound waves set at the right frequencies. The proper aural harmony can certainly bring about a healthier lifestyle!

Using Sound in Our Routine

As for how you can incorporate these frequencies in your everyday schedule, you’ll need the right sound delivery system. For example, those who own a smartphone can download the Healing Pulse health care app for iPhone or Android. This simple program uses direct resonance to stimulate the right physical conditions in your body. Of course, this is just one example of the many harmonious sound transmission platforms available to you. There are also countless music tracks and albums also on offer which allow you to tap into these healing vibrations in your own home. Simply follow the instructions given in your smartphone app, audio tracks, etc. and you can then look forward to a wide range of benefits as a result.

Getting Medical Advice

Of course, since you’re aiming for better health, you won’t be able to simply play any old tune and hope that it achieves positive results. Since the vibrations have to be what’s termed a “resonant frequency” with your cells, they have to be tuned in a certain manner. For this reason, you’ll need to get some advice before starting your healing sound routine. The good news is that this is readily available. Whether you are seeking methods for using vibration therapy to treat arthritis or stomach ulcers, you can get the info you need either through some resonance treatment websites or via a medical professional. Combine this with the instructions given by the creators or your chosen smartphone app or audio track, and you’ll have an excellent chance of healing yourself from some of life’s more serious symptoms with ease.

Attuned with Life

With this advice, you now know how to use the healing power of sound to improve your physical health. From battling head lice to tackling vaginal itch, you can solve a range of issues by simply utilising the proper frequencies. So forget about harmful drugs or invasive surgery. Instead, find a cure using gentle natural vibrations that can permeate your body without any fuss or risk. We trust that you can use these healing waves in the right manner and wish you the very best on your road to good health. Make the right steps to attune your physical presence and become more harmonious with your surroundings.

About the Author:

The Healing Pulse health care app is software that makes use of the power of sound or frequency to balance, revitalise and rejuvenate users. It was developed by Gilbert-Grey in 2012.


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