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How To Take Care of Your Health After A Serious Injury

A serious injury can occur at any time. Many injuries are due to auto accidents, work accidents or other unexpected incidents. What happens after the accident can make the difference between a long period of disability and a quick recovery. A few tips can help you to care for your health and get you back to your normal activities.

Knee pain - How To Take Care of Your Health After A Serious Injury

#1 – Move Around As Little As Possible
At the time of the incident, avoid moving around until you get a medical evaluation. Injuries can be made worse by moving. Inform the ambulance technicians about any suspected injury so that they can immobilize it until you get a full assessment of your injuries.

#2 – Get Proper Medical Attention
Ensure that your injuries are thoroughly evaluated. Consult a specialist if necessary. Get the medical tests you need to ensure that all injuries can be properly treated. Assign a family member or friend to be your “medical advocate” to help monitor your care when you are under anesthesia or medications. Follow your doctor’s orders to the letter to ensure your quick recovery.

#3 – Protect Yourself Against Hospital Acquired Infections
The hospital environment often contains a variety of infectious agents that can make you sicker even as you are trying to get well. Ensure that all hospital personnel wash their hands before they examine, change your bandages or use medical equipment on your body.

#4 – Get Proper Home Care If Necessary
If the injury has disabled you, arrange for home care for at least some of the time to help with home tasks or medical care. This measure can help you to fully recover in less time.

#5 – Keep Records of the Incident
Keep records of the accident that caused the injury, along with police reports, witness contact information and other data.

#6 – Keep Records of Your Medical Care
Keep a folder about your medical care. List the type of tests, surgical procedures and medications you have received, doctors’ names and other pertinent material. If you are too disabled to do this yourself, have a family member help to keep these materials in order.

#7 – Follow Your Physicians Orders Precisely
Take all medications as instructed at the times marked on the prescription container. Take medications with food or liquids as recommended. Some medications can make you sensitive to sunlight. Read all accompanying warning instructions that are provided.

#8 – Complete Physical Therapy If Needed
If your physician orders physical therapy after your injury, ensure that you complete the exercises as directed. Therapy is often a critical part of restoring patients to full health.

#9 – Get Physician Clearance Before Resuming Activities
Before going back to work or resuming your other normal activities, get clearance from your physician. He or she will be the best judge of whether you are ready to take on everyday tasks.

#10 – Protect Your Legal Interests
If you suspect that your injury is a result of negligence on someone’s part, consult a lawyer to determine your legal options. Residents of the Austin, Texas area can find contact information at

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