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How to Manage Neuropathy and Back Spasms Effectively

Neuropathy and back spasms can be debilitating, causing you to miss out on everyday activities and special events. There are many pain relief products and medications that can help you to manage your symptoms. You can use those pain relief medications and make some changes to your lifestyle in order to achieve a reduction in your pain level.

Neck and Back pain - How to Manage Neuropathy and Back Spasms Effectively

Diet and Exercise 

Many people find some relief from neuropathy and back spasms through dietary modifications, taking supplements and exercising. Some types of muscle spasms and pain can be made worse by a vitamin deficiency or a deficiency of other nutrients such as potassium. Gentle stretching exercises may also help to reduce the frequency and severity of spasms in your back. Your doctor or a physical therapist can show you some strengthening and flexibility exercises. 

Muscle Relaxants and Heat 

Applying heat to your back may help to relax the muscles and calm the nerves. A heated water bottle, electric blanket or rice bag can do the trick. Products containing capsaicin may also provide you with some natural relief. Prescription muscle relaxants may help for occasional severe back spasms.

Topical Pain Cream 

Topical pain relief cream can help you to manage those localized areas of pain, burning and discomfort on your back and other parts of your body. One of the leading benefits of using a topical pain cream is that it is quickly absorbed through your skin and gets to the painful spot more quickly than pain relievers that are taken orally. The topical pain creams are easy to apply and come in convenient packaging that allows you to bring the cream with you when you are on-the-go.

Stress Relief 

Stress can worsen your back spasms. You may also feel stressed during the spasm, which results in a positive feedback loop of more pain and more stress. To reduce stress, try getting enough sleep. Practice deep breathing or other relaxation techniques may help. Consider talking to a counselor to develop positive solutions for working through everyday problems. Spending time outdoors, petting your dog or knitting are also healthy ways to reduce stress.

Neuropathy and back pain can be effectively managed using these tips and working with your physician. Lowering your stress, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using pain relief products can be done all at the same time for good results. By following these tips, you should be able to do everyday and special activities without worrying about a spasm or flare-up.


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