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How to Care for a Sore Back after Pulling a Painful Muscle

Pulling a muscle in your back can result in days, weeks or months of chronic pain. If it is not properly dealt with, you could cause injuries to other parts of your body as it tries to compensate for the back injury. Fortunately, there are easy ways to care for your back after pulling a muscle.

Hot Stone Massage - How to Care for a Sore Back after Pulling a Painful Muscle

Alternate between Heating and Cooling the Injured Area 

Applying heat to an injured muscle will help it to relax, which can increase blood flow to that part of your body. This may make it easier to move or stretch your back without feeling extreme pain. Applying ice to the injured area will prevent any swelling from occurring, and it can also act to dull any pain that you are feeling.

Lay On a Hard Surface 

The best way to heal an injured muscle in your back is to lay on a hard surface whenever you are not moving. Ideally, you will sleep on a firm mattress as this will make it easier to get up in the morning without being too sore. You can also use a heat or ice pack overnight to prevent the muscle from tightening from not moving for several hours.

Visit a Chiropractor 

A chiropractor will use a combination of massage and other techniques to help your muscle heal. While you may feel some pain and soreness during and after your appointment, you will likely notice an improvement in your condition in the hours and days following. Professionals, like those at Fulk Chiropractic, know that this is totally normal, and is not cause for alarm. Most people require multiple appointments to see any long-term relief after pulling a muscle, and your insurance policy may cover some or all of the costs of seeing a chiropractor.

Work to Strengthen the Muscle 

It may be a good idea to begin a workout regimen as soon as it is safe to do so. Lifting light weights, participating in yoga classes or otherwise working your muscles can make you stronger and more flexible. This can help to heal your injured muscle while reducing the odds of getting hurt in the future. However, make sure not to go too hard or you could suffer an even more serious back injury.

Pulling a muscle in your back could severely limit your ability to live a normal life or provide financially for yourself and your family. Therefore, you should quickly learn about your options to heal from your injury and get back to working and playing with your kids as soon as possible.


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