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Helpful Pointers for Taking Superb Care of Your Family’s Teeth

Caring for a family’s health is important, but it is easy to overlook dental health as less important. When time is limited, it is easier to make family physician appointments instead of taking a child to the dentist.

Familys Teeth - Helpful Pointers for Taking Superb Care of Your Family's Teeth

The truth is that the health of the teeth often affects the health of the rest of the body as well. For example, experts have found a correlation between certain heart conditions and oral health conditions. Here are few tips to ensure everyone in the family has healthy teeth and bodies:

1. Make hygiene a habit.

Once an action becomes a habit, it happens without a person having to think about it. Putting a routine in place for children to brush their teeth and floss makes those tasks automatic. It is a good idea to tie these habits to something already in their routine, such as brushing as soon as they are dressed for the day.

2. Start early.

Children are never too young to begin caring for their dental health. When the first teeth emerge, parents should wipe them with a damp cloth to clean them. As their motor skills develop, children can practice holding a toothbrush. Flossing can generally wait until their teeth are touching.

3. Set the example.

Children imitate what their parents do even more than they follow their verbal direction. Inviting them into the bathroom while a parent brushes and flosses provides an example for them which they will remember later. This would be a great opportunity to give them a clean toothbrush to try brushing along with the parent.

4. Find the right dentist.

Pediatric dentists are trained to help children adjust to having their teeth inspected at a young age. Their offices are usually more child-centered with toys in the waiting room and colorful artwork that appeals to children on the walls.

However, many families benefit from visiting a family dentist that sees the whole family at one location. This is helpful in building a relationship between children and the doctor. When a child sees the dentist cleaning Mom or Dad’s teeth, he is more likely to be comfortable with allowing the dentist to clean his as well.

Proper dental hygiene is a great starting place for keeping the whole family healthy. Teeth that are well cared for are building blocks to a strong body and mind. Once those healthy habits are instilled, they spill over into other areas of life.

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