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Heavy Lifting: Proper Lifting Techniques to Avoid Back Pain

Lifting heavy objects is a primary cause of injuries in the home and workplace. When an object is not lifted properly, excess stress is placed on the joints, muscles and spine, which can lead to pulled or injure muscles and back problems. To avoid back pain, you should always use proper lifting techniques when lifting heavy objects.

Heavy Lifting - Heavy Lifting: Proper Lifting Techniques to Avoid Back Pain


Before lifting, consider factors such as how much the object you’re lifting weighs, whether any obstacles stand in the way of where you want to move the object and where exactly you want the object to end up. Planning ahead ensures a seamless movement, reducing risks for injury.


Proper posture when lifting ensures your body maintains a natural arch. Poor posture puts the body out of alignment, placing additional weight stress on the joints, spine and muscles, resulting in injury. For proper posture, keep your head straight ahead, back straight, shoulders back and chest out, maintaining a slight arch in your lower back.


Lower yourself to an appropriate level to pick up the object by bending only at the knees and hips. If you need to get closer to the ground to pick up the object, bend down on one knee.


Face squarely with the object. Lift the object by straightening your knees and hips. Keep the object close to your body in order to shift the weight of the object to a more stable position where the weight is not placed on the lower back muscles. Keep the object at the level of your navel as much as possible. You should never lift a heavy load above shoulder-level.


Never twist your body when lifting or moving an object. Instead, use your feet to change direction, rotating the entire body all at once. When moving, continue to keep the object close to your body.


Place the object in the same way that you picked it up, bending at the hips and knees, not the back. Lower the object slowly. If setting the object on an elevated surface, get as close to surface as possible. Do not reach out from the body to place the object.

While lifting properly can help prevent injuries, it’s still possible to injure yourself. If you’ve experienced an injury at work, consider calling an experienced lawyer, such as one from Zuber & Brioux Law Offices or another reputable legal professional, to ensure you’re protected from any possible legal problems related to your injury.

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