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Healthcare Developments and Techniques that Help Chronic Conditions

Living with a chronic health condition can be very difficult. Such conditions can lead to debilitating disability and a lot of pain. Thankfully, millions of dollars of medical research has been performed with the end goal of curing such conditions and making the lives of patients easier. Below is an overview of how medical science has lead to new developments and techniques that can help the sufferers of chronic illness.


Alzheimer’s Disease 

A recent medical breakthrough has been made in Scotland that could someday lead to a permanent cure for Alzheimer’s disease. As you probably already know, Alzheimer’s disease primarily affects the elderly and often leads to an irreversible state of dementia. The Scottish scientists have discovered that the disease is likely caused by inflammation within the brain. They believe that blocking a specific receptor in the brain could prevent this inflammation and protect patients against the loss of memory and behavioral changes associated with Alzheimer’s. 

Back Pain 

Another serious condition that afflicts millions is chronic back pain. In fact, it affects 80 percent of all Americans at some point during their lives. In recent years, new treatments have been introduced to help sufferers of chronic back pain. One of these involves inserting a kind of sealant made from the combination of naturally produced substances, thrombin and fibrinogen, directly into damaged discs in the spine. Many of the newest treatments and medications for chronic back pain were developed in medical laboratories using equipment like electric laboratory mixers and other such equipment. Electric laboratory mixers are often used in bioscience experiments to perform tests on isolated cells.

Migraine Headaches 

Another very common chronic condition that affects many people is migraine headaches. A migraine headache is far more intense than a normal headache. In fact, migraines can lead to serious symptoms like temporary vision problems, temporary speech loss and temporary loss of motor functions. However, thanks to some new discoveries, many patients may be able to stop migraines before they even start. If approved by the FDA, drugs that have the ability to prevent migraines by targeting a specific biochemical in the brain associated with migraine attacks may be available to patients. Although a permanent cure has yet to be discovered, these drugs currently going through clinical trials may be able to stop the worst of migraine headache symptoms for most patients.

A lot of money is spent on medical research to find cures and new treatments for many serious chronic conditions. It is assured that at least some of this research will bear fruit and lead to pain free lives for those that suffer from certain illnesses.

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