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Have Back Problems? 4 ways To Relieve Your Back Pain

Back problems are becoming all too common among people both young and old. This is largely due to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of the average individual. Fortunately, there are a number of effective and all-natural strategies for reducing back pain. Following are four tips that will alleviate discomfort in this area while improving your strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Waterbed Mattresses - Have Back Problems? 4 ways To Relieve Your Back Pain

Get A New Mattress

When searching for a cause of back discomfort, the first place to look is your mattress. A lumpy, uneven or unyielding surface will not lend to a good night’s sleep. Not only is restorative sleep essential for avoiding a range of common aches and pains, but it is also vital for staving off back pain. Most people who live with pain in this part of the body, also suffer from sleep disorders. No one mattress design will work well for every individual. Different people need different levels of support and surface malleability. Talking with a knowledgeable sales rep at Crowley Furniture or your local mattress store is therefore essential for determining your needs and the best sleep products for meeting them. Fortunately, customer support can be found both in-store and online, making it possible for consumers to shop through local retailers and web-based suppliers.

Increase Your Abdominal Strength

The spine is the central support structure for the body and this makes it subject to a lot of daily wear and tear. The best way to offset this wear and tear is by developing strong core muscles. The abdominal or core muscles oppose the spine and help it to do its job. When you lift objects or change your physical elevation, your back won’t have to work as hard if your lower, middle and upper abdominal muscles are doing their job. A chiropractor can help you establish an abdominal strength-building routine that won’t place excess strain on the back. A chiropractor will also help align your back. If your back is out of alignment it will cause more strain and fatigue on your body and often time resorting to a very sore back. Daily exercise in strengthening those core muscles will also help alleviate pressure on your spine and therefore providing natural pain relief in your back.

Use Yoga To Stretch And Realign The Spine

Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga is virtually non-impact. This means that there are no jarring movements that will place strain on your spine or your joints. Moreover, most yoga positions are structured for promoting optimal spinal alignment and for reducing muscle strain. This is a great way to start correcting minor subluxations or areas of misalignment, without having to suffer through the manual adjustments that chiropractors make. Not to mention that after practicing yoga, you tend to feel really good due to the amount of natural relief that doing yoga exercises can provide.

Stretch Your Legs

Stretching your legs can help provide relief in your back as it can help loosen up your muscles naturally. Surprisingly, the hamstrings can be a major source of back pain. When these muscles grow too contracted or tight, the lower back has to work much harder. Thus, when your back starts to feel stiff, tired and stressed, take a few moments to loosen up these major muscles. Doing so will not only reduce pressure on the lower back, but it also will alleviate strain on the sacroiliac. This is the joint that connects the triangular bone at the base of the spine to the pelvis. For chronic back pain sufferers, stretching the hamstrings twice daily is essential.

Although life has been made much easier through the advent of new technologies, sedentary living has placed an overwhelming amount of stress on the back. Getting a proper mattress and using the right stretching and abdominal strengthening exercises can make a major difference in your comfort levels. With these strategies, it may be possible to avoid the long-term use of prescribed or over-the-counter pain medications. It can also help you avoid going to see a chiropractor and going through the painful, manual realignments of your back. It can also help you avoid any ruptured disks in your spine and thus allowing you to avoid any kind of back surgery.

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