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Got Degenerating Discs? How to Help Them Heal Effectively

Spinal discs that experience degenerative changes can be highly problematic. Spinal disc degeneration often results in chronic pain and makes functioning in everyday life more difficult. If you’ve been diagnosed with degenerating discs, there are some effective ways that you can try to heal them or at least keep them from getting worse.

Got Degenerating Discs How to Help Them Heal Effectively - Got Degenerating Discs? How to Help Them Heal Effectively

Correct Muscle Imbalances

Discs can sometimes start to generate when stronger muscles in the body overpower weaker ones, creating muscle imbalances. Disc generation can be further exacerbated because of the poor body posture that often results from muscle imbalances. Muscles around your core, back and hips may need to be strengthened to correct imbalance problems. Abdominal exercises often work well in correcting imbalances. You can also try working with a personal fitness trainer who can recommend and show you exercises that will help you achieve better muscle balance.

Increase Vitamin D and Calcium Intake

Your body needs sufficient amounts of Vitamin D and calcium to build strong bones. If your degenerating discs are the result of osteoporosis, vitamin D and calcium supplements offer some of the best osteoporosis treatments that can keep the condition from worsening and may even replenish bone that has been lost. You can also increase your vitamin D and calcium intake by consuming more milk, cheese and other dairy products or by eating foods like dark leafy greens, beans and trout.

Try Acupuncture

This form of traditional Eastern medicine is sometimes effective in helping degenerating discs heal by generating more blood flow and energy to the affected areas. A trained acupuncturist will insert small needles lightly just beneath the skin’s surface to prompt natural healing effects. Acupuncture can also be effective in getting the surrounding muscles to function better, which can further help the healing process.

Consider Surgery

If all other treatment methods have failed, surgery may be your only option. Surgery can remove any masses that are causing your spinal discs to degenerate. Specific types of surgery that can often correct disc degeneration include discectomy and laminectomy. Any necrotic tissue along the spine can also be removed to try to regenerate spinal disc health.

Degenerating discs can often be treated or managed with the right techniques. A personalized treatment plan can address your specific problems and give you the best results. Whether you choose osteoporosis treatments, lifestyle changes or a combination of both, finding the key to resolving your degenerative disc issues is possible.

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