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From Back Pain to Esthetic: Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery

Women go to surgery to make their breasts smaller. That really happens, regardless of the general public opinion that breasts should be as big as possible. However, there are some very serious reasons why women with large cup size sometimes have to undergo the surgery and reduce the size of their breasts. Here are the top five reasons for this to happen and all of them are very serious and very uncomfortable for those that suffer from these things.

Back Pain to Esthetic

Esthetic Reasons

Having a pair of DDD cups is something that really attracts attention wherever you go. At times that attention can be a very bad thing. Large breasts represent a problem when it comes to buying clothes, dressing up or going to the beach. Since they attract a lot of unwanted attention, some women find large breasts to be a serious issue that affects their self-confidence and social skills. Therefore, this is one of the biggest reasons why women undergo the surgery to make their breasts smaller.

Constant Skin Issues

This is not such a frequent reason, but it happens to some. Because of their size and their position, some of the large breasts can cause frequent and very unpleasant skin conditions. The friction of the breasts with the skin on the chest can cause rashes, infections, and it can make conditions for development of yeast and fungus infections. Some severe cases can even include rashes and similar things.

Shoulder and Ribcage Deformities

The first thing that women with DDD cups experience as the sign that they might want to consider breast reduction surgery are the marks of the shoulder straps that are imprinted deeply into their shoulders. Furthermore, the posture of these women is usually very much deformed. The shoulders are moved forward and the ribcage suffers from some deformities that are caused by the posture. All these things burden the muscles and they make them sore and painful. These things make the surgery very welcome and they make it a solution of several issues all at once.

Back Pain

Perhaps the biggest health issue when it comes to big breasts are the back pains. Since the breasts are heavy, they pull the entire body onwards and the posture is altered in that way. Sooner or later, the spine suffers from deformities and the muscles are overly sore. Back pain becomes too strong and the surgery is the best option. Some suggest exercise to strengthen the muscles, but in this situation, exercise cannot have long lasting effects.

Reducing the cup size with the means of surgery is usually the last resort when this issue starts damaging the health. Usually the insurance will cover for the expenses of the surgery, but the board of doctors first has to determine if the surgery is justified. Once they do, the majority of the costs is covered by your insurance. Therefore, make sure if you are eligible for the surgery and start the procedure if you think you have the chance.

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