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Fracture Causes And Prevention Tips

Suffering from a fracture means that you have a broken bone or a broken cartilage as a result of more force being exerted on a weaker bone, such that the bone cannot handle the force. This causes a disturbance in the structure and strength of the bone causing it to break. The most problematic zones are the wrist, ankle and the hip which often occur in older individuals.

Broken ankle - Fracture Causes And Prevention Tips

A fracture can either be :-
a) Open or closed :-Open when the skin is broken or cut and Closed When the skin is intact
b) Compound- The structure surrounding the fracture is injured
c) A Green stick Fracture-As a result of a slight crack in the bone.
d) A Comminute fracture- when the bone is shattered into tiny pieces.
e) A Hairline fracture- Caused by repetitive stress activities on a bone e.g. continuous running or jogging
f) Impacted fracture- Ends are impacted into each other

The kind of fracture you suffer from is dependent on the force direction, the bone in question, the health of the person and their age. The risk of suffering from a fracture increases as you age since bones grower weaker with time. How severe a fracture is depends on where it is located and the seriousness of the damage to the bone and tissues surrounding it. The presence of a fracture can be identified by pain, bruising, swelling, bleeding, inability to use the particular limb and even deformity.


There are several things that may result into fractures, this includes but not limited to:-

1. Traumatic incidents such as being involved in road carnage, sporting injuries, falls, or a direct blow to the particular bone.
2. Diseases such as
a) Osteoporosis- resulting from calcium loss.
b) Osteomalcia- Caused by the weakening of bones due to problems in the bone building process.
c) Osteosacoma- A cancer of the bones most common in children and especially the boy child.
Increase the susceptibility to fractures and as a result small impact falls and traumas end up being quite serious. Fractures resulting from diseases are known as pathological fractures.

Prevention Tips
1. Always wear safety are protective gears e.g. helmets, knee pads and wrist bands
2. Always have somebody holding the ladder when using it.
3. Ensure that you fasten the safety belt every-time you board a vehicle.
4. Ensure your house is free from hazards that can result into accidents.
5. Maintain a healthy weight range and physical shape by exercising and proper nutrition to build muscle, strong bones and reflex speed.

Immediate Care
In case you suffer from a bone fracture restrict your movement to avoid exerting more pressure on the fracture as this may lead to further damage of the bone and structures surrounding it. Attend to any bleeding to avoid excessive blood loss, do not try to straighten the broken bone and try to provide the injured part with as much comfort as possible.

Seeking prompt treatment is of much essence if you are to prevent complications. Having a EHIC card comes in handy especially in the case of suffering from an emergency fracture; however you are advised to take up proper medical cover.

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