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Four Drug Free Ways To Ease Your Aching Back Pain

Back pain is a painful and common problem. Medications help to ease the pain, but there are better, more permanent solutions to help with your back pain. Through these treatments, you not only reduce your pain, but you help keep it at bay.

Aching Back Pain - Four Drug Free Ways To Ease Your Aching Back Pain

Maintain Healthy Weight

Many chronic back pain conditions and back injuries are worsened or even caused by being obese or carrying excess weight. Maintain a healthy weight through eating right and exercise. This takes the stress off your back, alleviating some of the pain. If you are new to exercising, make sure to start off slow, and since you suffer from back pain, avoid high-impact exercises like running and jogging, which can worsen back pain. Stick with low-impact exercises like swimming, elliptical and yoga.


A chiropractor is a doctor who manipulates your spine and other bones in your body to help adjust them and ease pain. Chiropractors help treat pain caused by sudden injuries as well as long-term pain caused by chronic conditions. Chiropractic offices, such as Clarington Chiropractic, use manipulation (“popping” your back), electrical muscle stimulation therapy, massage therapy, ultrasound, traction and other services to help treat back pain.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy teaches you exercises and stretches to help with your back pain. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres of Ontario and other rehabilitation centers teach you what exercises and stretches strengthen your back muscles. By strengthening the muscles around the spine, you take stress off the spine and make the muscles do more of the work. They also teach you proper posture techniques and other tricks to help back pain.


Whether your back pain is caused by an injury or it is chronic, rest is important. Rest gives your back time to take a break and recovery after an injury or just a tough day. Work with your doctor to determine which positions and types of furniture (sofa, soft bed/hard bed, recliner) are best for your type of back pain as some chairs/beds worsen some back pains but help others. If you are on your feet and moving for most of the day, make sure to take breaks to rest your back.


Back pain, especially chronic back pain, is a battle that you must fight every day. Instead of only relying on pain medications, use these tips to help treat your back naturally. Maintaining a healthy weight, visiting your chiropractor, doing physical therapy and getting enough rest helps ensure you reduce pain and help prevent it from returning.

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