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Five Natural Cures You Have Not Heard Of!

Many people believe that medication is the only way that they can deal with pain and stress. But with a little natural thinking, you may already have everything that you need to alleviate pain right in your home. Below are some of the natural cures that can be used to alleviate stress and pain.

Natural Health Cures - Five Natural Cures You Have Not Heard Of!


Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chili peppers. It helps desensitize the nerve receptors that cause pain. It can also help reduce soreness. There was a study done where arthritis patients were asked to use capsaicin cream for one month. The results of the study showed that 40 percent of the patients were able to reduce their pain by 50 percent.

Warm Milk And Honey

Warm milk and honey is a great stress reliever. It helps promote a feeling of calmness. Warm milk and honey can also help you sleep better at night. For the best results, you should drink it right before you go to bed.

Fish Oil

Many people know that fish oil helps promote heart health, but some do not know that it is very effective for alleviating pain. A study done by the University of Pittsburg showed that 66 percent people who took fish oil for ten weeks were able to stop taking their pain medication. When fish oil is broken down, it releases prostaglandins, which can help reduce inflammation.

Heat Pad

Applying a heating pad to the affected area of pain will benefit you in two ways. It will increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the area, and will also suppress the pain signals that are sent to the brain.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is lacking in many people’s diet. Exposing yourself to the sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D. That is why you should spend a little bit more time outdoors each day. There was a study done that examined the effects that vitamin D had on osteoarthritis pain, and the results of the showed that people who got the recommended 400 I.U. to 800 I.U. of vitamin D per day were less likely to experience pain.

If your pain grows worse or isn’t alleviated by these home remedies alone, consider choosing herbal medicine from natural companies like Melaleuca. The Melaleuca reviews have been very positive and are also good for the earth and your body. You do not have to grab medication every time you experience stress or pain. Fish oil, heating pads, capsaicin and warm milk with honey are some of the things that can naturally alleviate pain. You may also want to spend some time outdoors so that you can get vitamin D. Use a little common sense and natural healing to help your body adjust and cut out pain.

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