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Five Amazing Home Additions To Assist In Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important part of the recovery process that you face after an accident. While you might meet with a therapist in a hospital or medical setting, you also need to make some changes to your home. Until you are back on your feet again, you’ll have problems moving between rooms, reaching the shower head and doing other simple tasks. The right additions can create the perfect space for you or a loved one with an injury.

Physical Therapy

Hand Rails

Hand rails are the first addition that you need to make to your home. Hand rails can help you maintain your balance, give you a way to climb out of a chair and offer an extra layer of protection. Many people install rails and grabs in the bathroom and the shower, which assists you when it comes to standing up off the toilet or climbing out of the shower. You should also consider adding railings to the stairs and around common areas of your home.

Walk-In Shower

Getting in and out of a traditional shower is easy when you’re healthy, but it isn’t so easy when you suffer an injury. The ledge that surrounds the bathtub is difficult to navigate, and even the smallest of steps can make taking a shower nearly impossible. A walk-in shower has a sloped design that you can walk over with crutches.

Adjustable Shower Head

An adjustable shower head is another helpful addition that can help when it comes to physical therapy. This shower head features a long and flexible cord that lets you reach various areas of your body without bending or stretching. These devices work even better when you have a shower chair on hand.

Medical Alert System

Adding a medical alert system to your home lets you reach help when an emergency happens. Look for a system that comes with multiple panic buttons and a separate button that you can carry with you. As soon as you push the button, it sends an alert to 911 or a central operator, which will then send an ambulance to your house.

Home Automation

Installing a home automation system can also help you when you struggle with an injury. A Vivint home automation system lets you adjust the lights, turn the heat up or down, turn on appliances and do other things around the house when you can’t reach those items. Contact your local home security company to find out more about costs and installation.

Physical therapy will help you recover from an injury and reduce the pain that you feel, and making some additions and changes to your home can help your recovery process go more smoothly.

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