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Exercises to Improve Back Strength and Flexibility

All of us have our fitness motivations and goals that we strive to obtain through fitness regimens, diet, and more. Some are looking to improve their overall health while others want more defined and chiseled body parts, and still others merely want to improve one part of the body. No matter what your fitness focus is, you should always make time to improve overall from your core and back. One of the core components of our health is our back.

back exercise

Since it is connected to our core, our back works to stabilize us. Without structure and strength here, we wouldn’t be able to physically (and perhaps even mentally) withstand the various obstacles that life gives us. Typically, people have two intentions when it comes to exercise: strength or flexibility. Below are some examples of exercises that one can complete for either one of these intentions in the back. 

Strength: Dumbbell Rows 

One of the best ways to strengthen any body part involves using weights of some sort. The progression of weights generally starts from minimal to none (i.e. bodyweight and resistance bands), modest (weighted dumbbells), and advanced (barbells, kettle bells,).

One of the best exercises for strengthening your back is called rows. Rows involve you pulling weight towards your body, and how you hold the weights determines which muscle in the back you are working out. If you hold the weights with your palms facing each other, you can work out the muscles in your lower and midline of you back. If you hold the weights at a 90-degree angle with your palms facing toward your back, you can activate your upper back muscles (Lats, deltoids, etc.). By just doing this one exercise and varying the positioning of the weights and your arms, you can have a comprehensive back strengthener without breaking that much of a sweat!

Flexibility: Yoga/Static Stretching 

Many people when they hear the word yoga have two responses: 1) instantly relaxed; 2) a certain degree of fear. Those that are viewing from the outside might be apprehensive, thinking they need to be able to bend their body into a pretzel in order to be considered a successful yogi. Yet, even the most basic moves can have numerous physical and mental benefits for you. Standing up and folding in half so that your hands reach towards your toes provides an excellent stretch throughout your whole body. Laying on your back and placing your leg on one side of your body, while your upper body faces the opposite direction, creates a great way to align your spine, affording your better flexibility.

Many personal injury articles tend to be about injuries that affect the spine and might be the cause of paralysis and other detriments and improving flexibility and strength is a big part of improving. In either case, using a combination of weights and/or stretching can provide you with an assortment of health benefits, particularly for your back.? Don’t neglect it in your fitness routines!

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