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Exercise for Pain Relief

If you are in excruciating pain then it is almost certainly inadvisable to start a vigorous exercise regime but if you suffer from mild, chronic back pain, getting into shape could make a big difference to your quality of life. To help you get started, I have listed a few tips that I hope you will find useful.

Exercise for abdominal muscles

  1. Consult your doctor. Before you start a new fitness programme it is a very good idea to visit your local GP and make sure that there is no medical reason why you should not work out on a regular basis. Once you get the all clear, you will feel much more confident about getting stuck in to some energetic aerobic routines and working on your anaerobic fitness levels. If you are constantly worrying about the possibility of making your condition worse, you will find it very hard to stay motivated.
  2. Focus on exercises that improve core strength, in particular the abdominal muscles. Many people suffer from lower back pain because they have weak abdominal muscles. The back muscles try to take up the slack but because they are not designed for the purpose, they can go into spasm. This is a leading cause of lower back pain in individuals that are unfit and one that can be addressed by exercising and strengthening your core.
  3. Cut out bad habits. If you are overeating, smoking or drinking large quantities of alcohol, it is unlikely that you will be able to follow a fitness programme for any length of time. Smokers that find it hard to breathe properly when performing aerobic exercise routines should try to quit if at all possible. You can use a substitute such as the Vaper Empire electronic cigarette if you wish, or e-cig products from another reputable manufacturer. Although you may still be supplying your body with nicotine, the absence of tobacco smoke and all the toxic chemical compounds that it contains should do wonders for your health.
  4. Make an effort to exercise regularly. Try to stick to set days and times so that you always know when you should be working out. If you just do it whenever you have an hour to spare, you may find that the intervals between training sessions become longer and longer. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise is only beneficial when performed on a regular basis.
  5. Ask your family to support you. If your partner and children are constantly moaning about the time you spend in the gym, it could make life very difficult for you. Explain the benefits and the potential for lasting pain relief that you hope to enjoy from exercising regularly and they are more likely to understand and support you in your efforts.
  6. Consult a physical fitness expert. Most gyms employ a qualified trainer and it is a good idea to arrange a session with them, during which they can assess your current fitness levels and suggest a plan of action based on their findings. Alternatively, you can use a simple online fitness assessment tool and work out a basic programme that you can start at home. Some people are not keen on going to a gym until they have made some progress on their own.

As mentioned in the first point, it is advisable to seek a professional medical opinion before you embark on a new fitness regime, just in case there is the possibility that it could make things worse instead of better. However, many people should be able to improve their quality of life and relieve mild back pain by following the above suggestions.


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