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Do You See Signs of Dementia? Ask Elderly Care Services for Help

As your loved ones grow older, you might notice that a few changes are occurring. She might constantly complain about body aches and back pain – this might be an indication of an underlying disease. Another change that she might experience is forgetfulness. You might notice that your aging mother is constantly forgetting things like family dinners, doctor’s appointments, or something as mundane as where the car keys are. In result, you deem it necessary to hire elderly care services in Chicago or anywhere in the US to assist your mother with her daily routine.


At first, this might seem normal. After all, doesn’t everyone become a little bit forgetful as they grow older? Although some memory problems are age related, not all of them are. Sometimes, forgetfulness might be caused by something more serious like dementia. Dementia is a group of symptoms that is caused by damage to the brain. Check its symptoms below.

Severe Memory Loss

Memory loss is one symptom of dementia however, forgetfulness is not always related to this disease. If you want to know if you’re elderly mother’s memory problems are caused by dementia or not, you have to know the difference between normal memory changes brought upon by aging and one caused by dementia.

Is your aging parent having difficulty navigating a familiar place? If your mother finds it hard to remember the directions to a recognizable place, but never gets lost, then her memory problem might be related to aging instead of dementia. People with dementia unusually get lost in places even if they normally frequent them. In addition, they also have a hard time remembering recent events.

Problems With Organizing and Problem Solving

People with dementia often hire elderly care services because symptoms of this disease affect the organizing, planning, and problem solving skills of a person. This means that people with dementia often find it hard to make plans and stick to them as well as finish tasks related to problem solving. If this is the case with your elderly parent, then you have to pay close attention to her. If you see that she is no longer able to keep track of her bills and balance her checkbook, then it might be time to hire a caregiver who can assist her when you are away.

One more thing, difficulty in focusing on detailed tasks is also a sign that your aging loved one might have dementia. Older people who are unable to focus on comprehensive tasks – especially one that involves numbers – are usually diagnosed with this disease.

Difficulty in Communicating

One thing that is commonly affected by dementia is the ability of a person to converse. Older people with dementia usually find it hard to converse with other people. This is because they are often stopping in the middle of the conversation because they cannot remember a specific word. Vocabulary might become a huge problem and instead of using the correct terms, people affected by dementia often substitute the words that they meant to use with a different term.

Observe your loved one and see if she is often looking for words in the middle of a conversation. Is she always calling things by the wrong name? This might mean that she has dementia. Watch out because constantly looking for the right word can be frustrating and might affect her mood.

Dementia can be difficult to deal with, especially considering its symptoms. Once you start noticing the signs listed above, contact a professional immediately. Also, hiring elderly care services will be extremely helpful because it will ensure that someone will always be there to make sure that your aging mother gets the assistance that she needs.

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Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy)?is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for My Angels Homecare: Elderly Care Services in Chicago.

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