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Detailed review about anabolic steroids legal or illegal

The anabolic steroid is a form of the synthetic testosterone steroid which is prescribed by the doctors when it is needed but the usage of this steroid is found to be illegal when it is not prescribed by the doctor. In which they are classified as a schedule III with the controlled substances of possession carrying $1000 fine and one year of prison according to the law of federal. The steroid trafficking carries up to a $250000 fine and five years of prison for the first offense.

Body Builder - Detailed review about anabolic steroids legal or illegal

We also should take a note about the anabolic steroid while we are discussing about the use of illegal steroids rather than the corticosteroids which is mainly prescribed for reducing swelling and to prevent the overactive immune response. The anabolic steroids are especially used for building the muscles, replacing the diminished testosterone at the limited medical cases and the corticosteroid is used specifically.

The anabolic steroids are said to be illegal because of their proven health risks and the side effects when it is taken in the over doses by the individuals who takes it. As being the one of the powerful hormone they can causes the unwanted and unexpected side effects for the individuals who abusing them beyond the doctor prescription. The following are the some of the side effects of the anabolic steroid which includes.

  • Excessive body and face hair development in women
  • Testicular shrinkage and breast development in men
  • Impotence and infertility in men
  • Menstrual irregularities, reduced breast size and deepened voice in women
  • Increased risk of liver disease, heart attack, liver cancer and high cholesterol
  • Oily scalp, mood swings, baldness, jaundice, delusions and acne both in women and men

As because of the controlled substances the buy steroids are said to be illegal for protecting and to prevent people from suffering of the unwanted health issues and side effects.

About the Anabolic steroid injections and joint repair

The anabolic steroids are used to treat asthma and painful conditions and it is also used by the athletes for improving their muscle mass and the performance. Sustano an oily based injectable steroid is the example of the anabolic steroids injection where this steroid is found in the insects, plants and fungi which have their own characteristics. From a legal point of view you need to have the prescription for buying the anabolic steroids and their medical use is also limited and they are not like the corticosteroids where the body builders use the steroids for increasing their muscle mass and for reducing the fat content present in the body.? Anabolic steroids are not only used to increasing the protein synthesis in the body but it is also used for speeding up the process of the red blood cells multiplication. Anabolic steroids joint repair process is done for most of the athletes who takes the over dosage of the strong drugs and by using the anabolic steroid the joints and ligaments problem cured.

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